IAEA Launches New Service to Review Readiness for Constructing Nuclear Power Plants

Member States can request a CORR Mission prior to starting major construction.
(Photo: Rosatom)

2014-01-30│The IAEA is introducing a new service for Member States starting nuclear new build or major refurbishment construction activities.

The Construction Readiness Review (CORR) service is aimed at assessing a nuclear project's readiness to proceed to its next phase of construction. A CORR mission can be deployed prior to start of major construction, at a major project milestone, or as otherwise requested by a Member State.

Organizations in Member States such as nuclear utilities, owners, regulators and technical support organizations can benefit from such reviews.

The assessment includes a review of planning processes, preparedness for subsequent project phases, major risks and issues, and engineering and construction readiness. The mission team would be made up of international experts, similar to IAEA's Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) or Operational Safety Review Team (OSART) missions.

CORR missions are planned to cover areas such as project management, engineering readiness (engineering deliverables required to support construction), procurement/material/supply chain readiness (material available to support construction activities), quality management and records, human resources and training, construction readiness, construction installation completion assurance / system turnover process, target area reviews (including project delays and corrective actions), and technical visits (to specific sites/locations as requested).

A recent IAEA publication, entitled CORR Guidelines: Preparing and Conducting Review Missions of Construction Project Readiness for Nuclear Power Plants outlines the concept and the process of the missions.

For more information about the service, please contact NENP Engineering Section - Contact Point.