New Version of ARIS Database Launched

2013-12-04│A new version of the IAEA’s Advanced Reactor Information System (ARIS) database is now available online at: ARIS is an ideal database for Member States considering their first nuclear power plant, or for those seeking to expand their existing programs by new construction.

ARIS is a convenient, easy to use tool that provides detailed technical design descriptions for reactor plants that are in the design phase, under construction, or newly deployed. It includes reactors of all sizes and all reactor types, from evolutionary nuclear power plant designs for immediate deployment, to innovative reactor concepts still under development.

The design descriptions included in the ARIS database are supplied by design organizations to the IAEA, where they are reviewed and edited to harmonize them into consistent, unbiased and easily searchable sets of data.

The database is complemented by the new IAEA NE-Series document NP-T-1.10 Nuclear Reactor Technology Assessment for Near Term Deployment.

The ARIS database was designed and has been maintained by the IAEA's Nuclear Power Technology Development Section (NPTDS) since 2009.