Management Systems and Safety Culture Focus of IAEA Training Course

Team building exercise during the training course.
(Photo: J. Roeschlova, IAEA)

2013-10-22│ Gaining better knowledge and understanding of safety-focused management systems for new nuclear power projects, and developing a sound safety culture, were the focus of a recent IAEA training course, held in collaboration with, and at the US Argonne National Laboratory (ANL).

Participants from 16 Member States, representing current and future owners/operators, regulators, suppliers and other organisations connected to nuclear facilities and activities learned how to establish management systems that meet the IAEA safety requirements, documented in GS-R-3.

The two-week training course also addressed the challenges faced during the implementation of a process-based management system, in which safety, security, quality, environmental and economic aspects are integrated, and discussed solutions how to overcome the challenges. It was well received and considered of value by the 18 participants.

In addition to lectures on integrated management systems and developing a safety culture by invited experts from Canada, Spain, the USA and IAEA staff, practical exercises allowed the trainees to get hands-on training and gain a better understanding of the topics discussed.

The course programme was comprehensive. It included basic processes for nuclear power programme management and the role and establishment of management systems; leadership and organizational culture; communication with stakeholders and using the management system to assure effective interaction between all involved parties; resource and process management; and using management systems to monitor, measure, assess and improve the organization, its processes, work and outcomes during all phases of the nuclear power plant project.

The Training Course on Integrated Management Systems and Developing a Safety Culture was organized jointly by the IAEA and the US Government through the Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, USA, from 23 September to 4 October 2013. It was an activity of the IAEA Technical Cooperation Interregional Project on "Supporting Nuclear Power Infrastructure Capacity Building in Member States Introducing and Expanding Nuclear Power" (INT/2/013). More detailed information is available at the training course website.