Turkey is Ready to Host INIR Mission

2013-08-28│ A preparatory meeting for the Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) mission (Pre-INIR mission) to Turkey was conducted on 21-22 August 2013 in Ankara. The purpose of this meeting was for IAEA representatives to meet with the national counterparts in Turkey responsible for implementation of the national nuclear power program and discuss various arrangements for the conduct of the INIR mission.

The topics that were covered during the Pre-INIR mission included the INIR mission methodology, the Terms of Reference and draft agenda, and Turkey’s self-evaluation report.

Turkey has launched two projects to build a nuclear power plant at Akkuyu with the Russian Federation and at Sinop with Japan. The INIR mission to Turkey is planned for November 2013 and will evaluate Turkey’s progress with the 19 nuclear power infrastructure issues as defined in the IAEA 'Milestones' document.

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