IAEA Helps with Capacity Building for New or Expanding Nuclear Power Programmes

Participants from 14 Member States are trained in developing the infrastructure for new or expanding nuclear power programmes (Photo: Kang/IAEA)

2013-07-09 | Helping Member States in capacity building for introducing or expanding nuclear power programmes is the focus of an IAEA training course currently under way in Ulsan, Republic of Korea. The six-week programme has been organized in cooperation with the KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School (KINGS) under an IAEA Technical Cooperation Project.

“This training course provides practical advice related to available nuclear technologies”, said Ki-Sig Kang from the Nuclear Power Engineering Section of the IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy. “This includes bid evaluation, contract, site selection, pre-construction activities, and management for a new or expanding nuclear power project”.

Some 20 participants from 14 Member States are participating in the training course. The focus is on gaining technical knowledge to take part in informed decision making necessary for launching or expanding a nuclear power programme. Also, experts from countries that are starting a new nuclear power programme are sharing their experience and lessons learned.

“A nuclear power programme is a major undertaking requiring careful planning, preparation and investment in time and human resources,” Mr Kang added. “Countries need an increasing number of qualified staff with both technical and managerial skills to successfully establish a new programme or expand an existing one”.

Therefore, the IAEA is providing support to Member States with a confirmed interest in near-term deployment of a nuclear power programme and to those with expansion plans. This is done through the IAEA Interregional Technical Cooperation Project on “Supporting nuclear power infrastructure capacity building in Member States introducing and expanding nuclear power” (INT2013).

The IAEA Interregional Training Course on ‘Nuclear Power Infrastructure Capacity Building in Member States Introducing and Expanding Nuclear Power’ is taking place from 10 June to 19 July 2013. The host organization, KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School (KINGS) in the Republic of Korea, is an education institute established to train leadership level professionals in planning, design, construction, operation and management of nuclear power plants. The training course is supported by the IAEA Department of Technical Cooperation.