International Experts Discuss Accident Monitoring Systems

The IAEA Technical Meeting was held in Hwaseong-si, Republic of Korea, 6-9 May 2013

2013-06-03 | Fifty experts from 16 Member States recently met in the Republic of Korea to share current knowledge, practices, and experience on design, implementation, and operation of accident monitoring systems in nuclear power plants.

“The lessons learned from the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant emphasize the importance of accident management systems”, said Mr Ki Sig Kang from the IAEA’s Nuclear Power Engineering Section (NPES). “Instrumentation systems must be available that can monitor relevant plant parameters inside the containment and in the reactor core”.

Monitoring these parameters is necessary for implementing severe accident management guidelines and mitigating the consequences of such accidents. “It is also important when disseminating information to external technical support staff, informing national and international agencies, and coordinating rescue actions”, Mr Kang pointed out.

The IAEA technical meeting on ‘Accident Monitoring Systems for Nuclear Power Plants’, held at the Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co. I&C Headquarters in Hwaseong-si in May 2013, offered an international forum for presentations and discussions on accident monitoring systems in NPPs and defining future IAEA activities in the field. The experts also reviewed and discussed a new IAEA guidance document on the topic, which is included in the IAEA Action Plan on Nuclear Safety.

The publication will fill a gap for all stakeholders in the nuclear industry.  “We are preparing a technical report which will describe the basic principles of accident monitoring, the design of monitoring instrument and how to apply them, and areas which may require new methodologies or technologies”, said Mr Janos Eiler, NPES, who served as Scientific Secretary of the meeting. “The participants’ input and comments have been very valuable to us”.

The report, entitled Accident Monitoring Systems for Nuclear Power Plants will be published in the IAEA Nuclear Energy Series in 2014.

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