Announcing the INPRO Dialogue Forum on Licensing and Safety of SMRs

29 May 2013 | The 6th INPRO Dialogue Forum, to be held at the IAEA on 29 July-2 August 2013, will address licencing and safety issues of small and medium-sized reactors (SMRs).

The meeting is targeted at senior officers or technical experts from potential licensees and national regulators, in both developing and developed countries, who are engaged or interested in the development, deployment and licensing of sustainable nuclear energy systems, especially on innovative SMRs.

Representatives from technology developers (vendors/reactor designers, GIF, fuel cycle facility designers), utilities and utilities groups such as WANO, TSOs, key “code and standard” developers, and NEPIO representatives from embarking countries may also find this Dialogue Forum useful.

The Dialogue Forum will address and actively discuss the following major issues:

(1) Considerations for SMR designs: implementation of defence in depth; approaches to international standardization; I&C and plant staffing; safety analysis challenges; and Fukushima lessons learned.

(2) Siting considerations for SMRs: determining source terms for non-water cooled SMRs or novel fuels; siting considerations for fuelled transportable reactors; and sites in regions lacking in fundamental infrastructure (including extreme remote sites).

(3) Application of graded approach in regulatory and licensing process: flexibility in emergency planning requirements and accident response; licensing codes and methodologies; R&D programmes; and demonstration of innovative features.

(4) Legal and regulatory framework of SMRs: plant staffing; licensing process for multiple modules; standardization of portion of design and safety classification; identification of required changes to safety standards; and transportation of fuelled-NPPs (modules).

(5) Public participation in SMR licensing process: new nuclear fuel issues (e.g. uranium nitride); environmental impact; safety culture; transportation of fuelled-NPPs (modules); and spent fuel management.

Those IAEA Member States and international organizations listed in the Terms of Reference on the meeting web page have been invited to nominate participants for the forum.

The 6th INPRO Dialogue Forum is held in cooperation with the IAEA Department of Nuclear Safety and Security and the Nuclear Power Technology Development Section in the Department of Nuclear Energy.   


The INPRO Dialogue Forum brings together nuclear technology users, holders and other stakeholders from interested Member States to discuss issues related to sustainable nuclear energy development and deployment. Since 2010, five Dialogue Forums were held on topics related to nuclear energy innovations and global nuclear energy sustainability.

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