INPRO Steering Committee Holds 20th Meeting

The INPRO Steering Committee held its 20th Meeting on 22−24 May 2013 at the IAEA.

2013-05-27 | The 43 representatives from INPRO Members and international organizations, who attended the 20th INPRO Steering Committee Meeting on 22−24 May 2013 at the IAEA, reviewed the draft INPRO Action Plan for 2014−2015, made recommendations for current and future activities and identified Member State priorities and support for individual INPRO activities. The meeting was chaired by Mr Pascal Anzieu (France); Mr Bhaskar Sur (Canada) and Mr Ferhat Aziz (Indonesia) served as rapporteurs.

In opening the meeting, Mr Alexander Bychkov, IAEA Deputy Director General for Nuclear Energy and INPRO Project Manager, welcomed Kenya and Romania as new Members of INPRO. The membership now comprises 39 countries and the European Commission.

“I am satisfied with the progress of the INPRO project”, said Mr Bychkov. He highlighted several achievements since the last meeting of the Steering Committee in 2012, including the successful completion of the Nuclear Energy System Assessment by Belarus, and progress in ongoing NESAs in Indonesia and Ukraine.

“The cooperation between INPRO and the Generation IV International Forum is excellent”, Mr Bychkov remarked, referring to joint meetings and workshops. “Our cooperation with other international organizations is equally fruitful, and we have good communication with the International Forum on Nuclear Energy Cooperation and others”.

“We’ve reported to the INPRO Steering Committee on the project status, progress and results achieved in the implementation of the 2012−2013 Action Plan”, said Zoran Drace, INPRO Group Head. “To increase transparency of our work, we also presented a status report on financial resources, planned cost, and human resources”.

A major discussion item on the meeting’s agenda was the draft INPRO Action Plan for 2014−2015, presented by the INPRO Group. For the next biennium, several new activities are proposed in each of the four major projects of INPRO’s programme.

This includes, for example, a new collaborative project to develop key indicators for innovative nuclear energy systems under “Global Scenarios”, a new collaborative project on nuclear fuel and fuel cycle analysis for future nuclear energy systems and another new collaborative project on waste from innovative types of reactors and fuel cycles, both within the “Innovations” project.

Another proposal was a nuclear energy system planning service package, which is intended to properly capture the enduring value of INPRO as an ongoing service to Member States. Also, several topics were proposed for future INPRO Dialogue Forums.

“We selected most of the new activities proposed in the draft Action Plan”, said Mr Anzieu, Chair of the 20th INPRO Steering Committee meeting. “There was a strong interest from Member States in the Dialogue Forum which is a very successful activity. Also, several INRPO Members proposed to host future forums in their countries”, Mr Anzieu added.

The 2014-2015 Action Plan will be revised in line with the comments and recommendations from the Steering Committee and presented for endorsement at the next meeting, which is scheduled for late 2013, in conjunction with the 7th INPRO Dialogue Forum on Sustainability of Nuclear Energy Systems based on Evolutionary Reactors.

“Member States recognize the added values of being part of the INPRO Group” said Rapporteur Mr Ferhat Aziz. “It helps them, for example in gaining public acceptance, getting assistance in nuclear energy planning in their country, and increasing awareness of innovations in nuclear technologies”.

In closing the 20th Meeting of the INPRO Steering Committee, DDG Mr Bychkov noted the positive and active interaction between INPRO Members’ delegations and the Secretariat at this meeting. “It is good to see that Members are actively engaged in the development of the Action Plan and provide increased support to INPRO”, Mr Bychkov concluded.