Nuclear Energy Series on Safeguards is Online

2013-05-02│ A new publication has been released entitled: “International Safeguards in Nuclear Facility Design and Construction (NP-T-2.8)

This IAEA publication is the first in a new Safeguards-by-Design group of publications that provides guidance on the inclusion of safeguards considerations in nuclear facility design and construction. This document was developed by the Department of Nuclear Energy and the Department of Safeguards, and is being published as 'Nuclear Energy Series' in order to reach a wider audience that includes nuclear power plant designers and customers.

This initial volume introduces the general principles of safeguards-by-design (SBD) and discusses the goals, the costs and rewards; and places the information into the context of nuclear facility design and construction project management.

Benefits and opportunities for all stakeholders are emphasized. The guidance is aimed at enhancing the understanding of nuclear facility vendors and designers regarding the safeguards obligations of both the State and the IAEA, at improving the cooperation between all stakeholders in safeguards implementation, and in minimizing the cost of implementation for all.

The IAEA promotes safeguards-by-design as an approach whereby the future application of international safeguards in the facility is fully integrated into its design process.

The Department of Safeguards in the IAEA invites both States and vendors considering new nuclear facilities or related activities to engage the Agency as soon as possible.

Adding general knowledge of safeguards to the designer’s knowledge base will allow designers to make informed project decisions. Design choices are the result of an optimal compromise among economic, operational, safety and security factors, which should also take into account the requirements for the application of international safeguards.

Integration of safeguards earlier in the design phases would reduce the later need for modifications and potentially reduce the cost and impact of implementing safeguards in nuclear facilities.

While safeguards potentially has a small impact on a nuclear facilities’ project cost and schedule, lack of consideration to detail sufficiently early can result in a much larger impact.

For countries that are embarking on nuclear power program, they may be particularly interested in how international safeguards can be integrated with the design of their facility so that they can be better prepared for future engagement with the Agency.

The application of SBD is a cross-disciplinary activity however the Safeguards Department has traditionally communicated directly with the State rather than with the nuclear facility designers.

For more information and to order a print copy: International Safeguards in Nuclear Facility Design and Construction