Development of Construction e-Learning Module

Construction at Shin Kori-3 in the Republic of Korea

2013-02-26 | Sixty-four reactors were under construction as of 31 December 2012, a figure which remains quite high. As in previous years, expansion as well as near and long term growth prospects remain centred in Asia, particularly in China. Of the total number of reactors under construction, no fewer than 43 are in Asia, as are 38 of the last 48 new reactors to have been connected to the grid.

To support construction management, a number of nuclear construction experts and senior managers met at IAEA headquarters in Vienna, Austria, 4-7 February, to develop an e-learning module on construction management, with a particular focus on countries starting or expanding nuclear programmes and their specific needs.

Nuclear construction experts and senior managers discussed such issues as what makes nuclear construction unique, what considerations are important at a national or regional level, planning and organization of nuclear construction projects, advanced construction technology, and methods to achieve excellence.

To develop an e-learning course for newcomer countries, based on existing IAEA publications on nuclear infrastructure development, five e-learning modules are being developed.

The first module is an overview based on the IAEA document Considerations to Launch New Nuclear Programmes (GOV/INF/2007/2). The others cover stakeholder involvement, management of a new nuclear power programme, human resource management and construction management. All of these are based on the IAEA Nuclear Energy Series publication Milestones in the Development of a National Infrastructure for Nuclear Power (NG-G-3.1), and other IAEA publications. The modules will be available in a variety of formats, such as web access from desktops, tablets, and smartphones, as well as on CD-ROMs.