Enhancing IAEA Assistance for Jordan's Nuclear Power Programme

Jordanian and IAEA experts during the discussion on the meeting's conclusions.

2013-02-07 | Senior officials and experts from Jordan and the IAEA met in Vienna on 28 January to 1 February to discuss latest developments in Jordan’s plans for a nuclear power programme and the IAEA’s assistance to the national plan.

Representatives from the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC), the Jordan Nuclear Regulatory Commission (JNRC), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Jordan Armed Forces and the national utility (NAPCO) participated in this meeting, which reviewed the Integrated Work Plan for developing Jordan’s nuclear power programme and also considered the implementation of recommendations from Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) Missions undertaken in 2009 and 2012.

An Integrated Work Plan provides the framework for defining all IAEA assistance to national nuclear power development activities, tailored to national needs and reflecting national plans as well as recommendations from IAEA missions. The IAEA’s assistance is based on an assurance and demonstration of strong Government commitment, ownership by Member States, and a focus on capacity building for sustainability, as well as objective reviews.

“We discussed how the IAEA can best support Jordan in developing its nuclear infrastructure related to the issues considered in the IAEA Milestones approach”, said Masahiro Aoki, Scientific Secretary of the meeting and a senior expert in the Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Group (INIG).  Issues such as the legislative and regulatory framework for safety and security, siting, preparations for establishing the owner/operator, human resource development and public communication were covered in the meeting.

The participants agreed on updates to the Integrated Work Plan to enhance the IAEA support to Jordan's nuclear power programme in 2013 and beyond.  This year will be an important one in the development of Jordan’s programme, as the country plans to finalize the site selection and feasibility study and select a partner/technology holder for its nuclear power programme.

The meeting was held under the TC project JOR2007 “Developing Nuclear Infrastructure for the Construction and Operation of a Nuclear Power Plant”.


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