Preparing an INIR mission to Turkey

The Workshop on Launching Turkey’s Self-Evaluation Process was held in Ankara on 9-11 January 2013.

2013-01-18 | Turkey and the IAEA have agreed on close cooperation in the development of the national infrastructure for the country’s new nuclear power programme.

An IAEA expert team led by Anne Starz, INIG Group Head, contributed to and spoke at a workshop in Ankara, Turkey. The workshop, which ran from 9-11 January 2013, was held to launch the Self-Evaluation process in preparation for an Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) mission to Turkey later in the year. Specifically, the meeting aimed at assisting all relevant stakeholders in preparing Turkey’s self-evaluation report on the status of the country’s nuclear power infrastructure development.

Such a self-evaluation is a prerequisite for any INIR mission and the process, which is usually managed by the national authorities responsible for the new nuclear power programme, includes national experts involved in the programme from a wide range of institutions.

“Turkey has already established teams of experts to address each of the 19 infrastructure issues that are to be considered, ranging from a government’s national position on nuclear power to the procurement of items and services for the first nuclear power plant”, said Ms Starz.

Thus, the workshop was attended by some 60 experts and officials from different institutions including the Ministry of Energy of Turkey, the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK, which is the regulatory body), and the future operators (the Akkuyu project company, and EUAS, the Electricity Generation Company which will be in charge of the second nuclear power plant project in Sinop on the Black Sea).

The IAEA team clarified, issue by issue, the terminology and intended objectives of the recently revised Self-Evaluation Methodology, and discussed with the Turkish counterparts how to perform the Self-Evaluation in the Turkish context which includes the first NPP project established through a build-own-operate model.

“The IAEA was pleased to hear from the meeting participants that the workshop was an excellent opportunity for all stakeholders to jointly discuss all aspects in the development of the new nuclear power programme and take a holistic view on the project” said Marta Ferrari from the Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Group.

Turkey requested the IAEA to schedule an Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) in November 2013. The roadmap for the INIR mission was established during a meeting of senior IAEA experts and Turkish government officials in Ankara in November 2012. The Ministry of Energy of Turkey is leading the project.


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