Moving Ahead with PRIS

The Technical Meeting on PRIS was held at the IAEA on 8–11 October 2012

19 November 2012 - The Power Reactor Information System (PRIS) developed and maintained by the IAEA for over four decades, is a comprehensive database focusing on nuclear power plants worldwide. PRIS contains information on power reactors in operation, under construction or those being decommissioned. In particular, it includes nuclear power plant specification data, design characteristics, decommissioning data, energy production and unavailability, outages and performance indicators.

“We are meeting twice a year with experts from Member States to discuss the current status and latest developments in PRIS”, explained Jiri Mandula who manages the PRIS database at the Agency. “The experts provide feedback on PRIS activities and make recommendations for future developments of the database”, he added.

The latest biannual Technical Meeting on PRIS was recently held at the IAEA. Some 30 participants from 20 IAEA Member States (Belgium, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Republic of Korea, Lithuania, Netherlands, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine, UK and the USA) and three international organizations, the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency and the World Nuclear Association, attended the meeting. They were designated technical liaison officers, national data providers and PRIS users from nuclear power plant and utility organizations, regulatory bodies and other national organizations.

Mr Alexander Bychkov, IAEA Deputy Director General of Nuclear Energy, who opened the meeting, expressed his appreciation to all PRIS contributors and emphasized the importance of this leading IAEA database.

Although the meeting agenda included all areas related to the system, the main focus was on the new PRIS public website, which provides information on PRIS and global nuclear power reactor statistics to the general public, the user manual for PRIS statistics and new modules of PRIS.

The meeting included also working group sessions to discuss selected topics, including the new public website, data reporting issues and a revision of the annual publication on ‘Operating Experience with with Nuclear Power Stations in Member States’.

The participants recognized the services provided by PRIS to the nuclear industry and supported further enhancement and optimization of PRIS-related applications and outputs, particularly in view of current and future developments in, and requirements of, the nuclear industry. Maintaining and operating PRIS with quality data and the on-line reporting system (PRIS-Statistics) remains a high priority.

Closer cooperation has been established with the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO). Using complementary IAEA and WANO performance indicators will improve performance monitoring and evaluations of nuclear power plants.

The PRIS public website is available at