Training Course on Integrated Management Systems

Training Course on Integrated Management Systems, Argonne National Laboratory, USA, 5-16 November 2012

16 November 2012 - The IAEA, in close cooperation with the US Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), held a training course on “Integrated Management Systems and Developing of the Safety Culture” at ANL on 5–16 November 2012. The training intended to support nuclear power infrastructure capacity building in Member States that are introducing and/or expanding their nuclear power programmes.

“Through this training course, the Agency wants to support current and future owners and operators, regulator, suppliers and others involved in nuclear facilities and related activities to establish management system that meet the requirements of the IAEA”, explained Jeannot Boogard from the IAEA Division of Nuclear Power.

The objective of the course was to help Member States, which are embarking on or expanding a nuclear energy programme, develop, implement, assess and continually improve their management systems. The aim is to incorporate international best practices, enhance safety and improve quality management and quality assurance in all the phases of developing a nuclear power plant, from feasibility studies to siting, design, construction, commissioning, operation, and decommissioning.

Twenty-nine participants of 22 Member States participated in the course. Fifteen experts from utilities as well as from governmental organizations shared their experience and provided practical examples on the implementation of a processed based management system, including the development of a strong safety culture, based on IAEA Safety Standards and Requirements (GS-R-3).

“We discussed the many challenges faced during the implementation of a process based management system in which all aspects of safety, security, quality as well as environmental and economic aspects are integrated; and we also addressed practical solutions to overcome these challenges”, said Boogard. The lectures were supported by practical exercises to facilitate a better understanding of the topics discussed.

The training course was held under the IAEA Technical Cooperation Project on “Supporting Nuclear Power Infrastructure Capacity Building in Member States: Introducing and Expanding Nuclear Power”.

More information can be found in the prospectus of the training course.