Roles and Challenges of Future Owners and Operators in Countries Embarking on Nuclear Power Programmes

Panelists from Japan, Bangladesh and France at the IAEA Side Event,
19 September 2012

20 September 2012 – Around 90 delegates and other participants to the IAEA General Conference attended a GC side event on Roles and Challenges of Future Owners and Operators in Countries Embarking on Nuclear Power Programmes, held on 19 September 2012 and chaired by Mr Michael Debes of EDF, France. The event was one of several side events organized by the IAEA in connection with the IAEA Action Plan on Nuclear Safety. Mr Gustavo Caruso, Special Coordinator of the Nuclear Safety Action Team of the IAEA Department of Nuclear Safety and Security was among the panelists.

Mr Alexander Bychkov, IAEA Deputy Director General, Head of the Department of Nuclear Energy opened the event and highlighted the support the IAEA offers to Member States in this area.

Representatives from three countries that are in an advanced stage of introducing nuclear power shared their experience: the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bangladesh and Belarus.

The presentations gave a brief overview of the national nuclear power programmes, explained how future operators are preparing for the first nuclear power plant, and highlighted the importance of commitment to safety, capacity building and cooperation with vendor countries. Senior executives from experienced operators and the IAEA provided insights on the challenges that new operators will face.

The session concluded with an outline of the IAEA assistance to future owners and operators provided by Ms Anne Starz, Head of the IAEA Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Group. The IAEA has a special role in supporting new operators in newcomer countries, especially in the early stages of a nuclear power programme when the IAEA is probably the first choice for assistance. This role will be complemented by the vendor only later on, after a contract is signed.


Panelists from Member States:

Bangladesh: Mr Mohammad Shawkat Akbar, Director, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission
Belarus: Mr Nikolai Grusha, Department of Nuclear Energy
France: Mr Michael Debes, Head of International Relations, EDF, France (Chair)
Japan: Mr Takuya Hattori, President of Japan Atomic Industrial Forum (JAIF)
UAE: Mr Padraic Riley, Advisor, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)

Scientific Secretary: Mr Masahiro Aoki, INIG, IAEA


Role and Challenges of Future Owner/Operators in Embarking Countries on Nuclear Power – Bangladesh Perspective Mohammad Shawkat Akbar, Ph. D.
Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission
Responsible & Sustainable Development of Nuclear Power Takuya Hattori
President of Japan Atomic Industrial Forum (JAIF)
Role and Goals of Operating Organization in Introduction of Nuclear Power in the Republic of Belarus Nikolai Grusha
Head of the Department of Nuclear Energy, Belarus
Role and Responsibility of Future Owner/Operator and the IAEA Assistance Package Anne Starz
Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Group (INIG)