Jordan Receives Follow-up Mission to INIR

Amman, Jordan

10 April 2012 - Jordan received a follow-up mission to review its action plan, responding to recommendations from the Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review mission conducted in August 2009.

A team of international experts and IAEA staff, led by JK Park, Director of the Division of Nuclear Power, reviewed the national action plan. The team noted that progress had been made since 2009, especially in the activities related to the nuclear power plant project.

The mission team made several recommendations and suggestions to strengthen the action plan. Because the follow-up mission was not reviewing the infrastructure status, the mission team suggested that Jordan consider inviting a Phase 2 INIR mission in early 2013.

Representatives from several organizations in Jordan, including the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission, the Jordan Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Environment Ministry, participated in the discussions.

"This was the first time a follow-up INIR mission has been conducted" stressed Mr Park. "Jordan was also the first country to invite an INIR mission in 2009", he added.

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