Technology Support to Near Term Deployment of New Nuclear Power Plants

This Project specifically helps build the knowledge base required by countries planning to start a new nuclear programme or by those interested in expanding an existing nuclear power program. The main goal of the project is to equip these countries with the knowledge and unbiased and accurate information to allow them to make informed decisions.

A key element in planning the introduction of a nuclear power programme involves the technology assessment of various advanced nuclear power plants to support the decision-making process. This requires a good understanding of the designs available for near term deployment, including an understanding of how the new designs incorporate experience from current plants regarding the performance of materials and the reliability of components and systems, as well as an understanding of conventional and advanced technologies for nuclear plant construction. A good understanding of these technical factors and approaches, together with careful planning for new plant deployment and human resources adequately trained in these advanced technologies, can help to support the successful introduction of a nuclear power programme.

Countries considering the introduction of a nuclear programme increasingly look to the IAEA as a forum for discussion of user needs with technology holders, and as a facilitator of networking among users with common needs.