Non-Electric Applications of Nuclear Power


Nuclear power has the potential to expand beyond its historical role for electric power production. Non-electric applications of nuclear energy are believed to be a key solution for building a sustainable future for current and coming generations. Currently, there is a growing interest by Member States in using nuclear energy for non-electric applications such as seawater desalination, hydrogen production, district heating, and various industrial applications which have tremendous potential ensuring worldwide energy and water security.

The role of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as stated in its Statue and Medium Term Strategy is "To support and facilitate the development of new and emerging applications of nuclear technologies by co-generation and heat applications, including seawater desalination". The IAEA supports Member States in the demonstration of non-electric applications in different aspects by providing various forms for information exchange including the publication of various technical and economic documents, coordinated research programs, and technical meetings. Several tools and toolkits had been developed and under frequent update by the Agency to help decision makers on the feasibility of non-electric applications using nuclear energy. As per the Member States current interest, the main fields of support by the Agency include:

Some of the Recent Events

  • Fourth Research Coordination Meeting on Techno-Economic Assessment of Nuclear Hydrogen Production and HEEP Benchmarking, Vienna, Dec 2015

  • Application of Advanced Low Temperature Desalination Systems to Support Nuclear Power Plants and Non-electric Applications, Vienna, Dec 2015

  • Technical Meeting on Economics of Nuclear Hydrogen Production using IAEA HEEP, Mumbai, India, Nov 2015

  • Technical Meeting on Advances in Non-Electric Applications of Nuclear Energy and Efficiency Improvement at Nuclear Power Plants, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2015

  • Training Course on Water Management in Nuclear Power Plants, Vienna, July 2014

  • Technical Meeting on Technical Assessment and Options to Improve Thermal Efficiency in Nuclear Power Plants, Vienna, Oct 2013

  • Workshop on Assessment of Non Electric Applications, Vienna, Sept 2013

  • Meetings of the Technical Working Group on Nuclear Desalination (TWG-ND), Vienna, Jan 2013

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