30 Jun - 03 Jul 2015

Cannington, UK

TM on the Development of Training Personnel and Supporting Tools and Techniques


The purpose of the meeting is to explore and provide practical guidance on various aspects of instructor selection and development, and on the use of new tools and techniques, by presenting actual examples from different countries. It will highlight the importance of having an appropriate training policy, especially considering the various organizational arrangements that exist in different utilities and countries. Specifically, the meeting will aim to:

  • Share Member States’ experiences related to the development of training personnel;
  • Exchange experience gained by both Member States and the IAEA with regard to the development and use of different tools and techniques for training;
  • Share experiences related to the (new) different instructor roles within the systematic approach to training (SAT) process; and
  • Explore Member States’ future needs with respect to the development of training personnel as well as of training techniques and tools.

The meeting is organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and hosted by EDF Energy.

For additional information regarding participant eligibility, please refer to the Information Sheet below.

Please also note that the deadline for nomination, through official channels, is 30 April 2015

Working Documents

Useful Information

IAEA Scientific Secretary

Ms Lotta Halt
Nuclear Engineering Section
IAEA Division of Nuclear Power

Please contact Ms Lotta Halt, NENP Nuclear Engineering Section (mailto: l.halt@iaea.org) if you have any questions.