25-27 Feb 2015

IAEA, Vienna, Austria

Technical Working Group on Gas Cooled Reactors (TWG-GCR)


The Technical Working Group on Gas Cooled Reactors (TWG-GCR) is a continuing working group whose purpose is to advise the IAEA on promoting the exchange of technical information in the field of gas cooled reactors. Created in 1978, the group promotes international cooperation related the development of gas-cooled reactors for electricity and process heat applications. The latter involve high-temperature applications such as hydrogen production and low-temperature applications such as seawater desalination and district heating. The TWG-GCR is a group of experts nominated by their governments and appointed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Secretariat to provide advice and support programme implementation in the area of gas cooled reactor technology development. Meetings of the TWG-GCR take place every 18–24 months: the last meeting was held from 5 to 7 March 2013.



China France Germany
Indonesia Japan Korea (Rep. of)
Netherlands Russian Federation South Africa
Switzerland Turkey Ukraine
United Kingdom United States of America  


European Commission Generation-IV International Forum (GIF) OECD/NEA

The role of the IAEA in this regard is to coordinate efforts of Member States to facilitate the development of gas-cooled reactors of various types by taking a systematic approach to the identification and development of key enabling technologies to achieve the highest safety levels, competitive economics and reliability and by addressing common technological issues that could facilitate their deployment


Pursuant to the Terms of Reference of the TWG-GCR, the objectives of the meeting are to:

  • Review the status of gas cooled reactor (GCR) technology development activities in IAEA Member States;
  • Review the activities (past, present and planned) of the IAEA’s project, “Advanced Fast Reactors and Gas Cooled Reactors” to ensure that they remain relevant to the needs of Member States;
  • Provide the expert group with updates to advise the IAEA on GCR activities, including on proposals for relevant studies and reviews;
  • Serve as a means for exchanging information on national and international GCR programmes; and
  • Promote the exchange of technical information by proposing topics for, and assisting in the organization of, IAEA Conferences/Symposia and Technical Meetings.

Target Audience

Members of the TWG-GCR or their alternates from Member States with an interest in the field of GCRs.


  • Status of national and international GCR programmes
  • Review of IAEA activities in the field of GCRs
  • Discussion of the IAEA’s GCR programme for 2015-16
  • Discussion of priority areas for technology development efforts — identification of technology gaps
  • Discussions on international collaboration in GCR technology projects

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