6-8 Oct 2014

Erlangen, Germany

Technical Meeting on Flexible (Non-Baseload) Operation for Load Following and Frequency Control in New NPP's

The purpose of this meeting is to establish a common understanding of all the relevant aspects of flexible design and operation of NPPs with the emphasis on frequency control and load following. It will provide participants with guidance on decision making related to, and the implementation of, flexible NPP operation in Member States that are planning and/or building new NPPs, based on the current knowledge and operational experience.

  • Definition of flexible operation
  • The reasons for flexible operation
  • Challenges and their solutions for flexible NPP design and operation
  • Operating experience with flexible operation

The target audience for this meeting comprises representatives of Member States which have made a decision to launch an NPP programme. Representatives from countries with operating NPPs that have experience of flexible NPP operation are also encouraged to attend in order to maximize the exchange of information to understand better the needs and challenges faced by countries launching new programmes. As such, the meeting targets nuclear project, utility, designer, and vendor staff who are involved (or will be involved) with the NPP design for flexible operation, as well as grid design, flexible operation practices, rules and regulations, and their applications.

Working Documents

Group Photo

Group Photo


Session 1: Introduction and Background on Flexible Operations
Session 2: New Build NPP Considerations and Challenges
Session 3-1: Planning and Management of NPP Flexible Operation with Stakeholders
Session 3-2: Planning and Management of NPP Flexible Operation with Stakeholders
Session 4: Impact of Flexible Operations on NPP Design
Session 5: Technology and Human-Machine Interface of Flexible Operations

Useful Information

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