29 Sep -02 Oct 2014

CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain

Training Workshop on the Assessment of Degradation Mechanisms of Primary Components in Water Cooled Nuclear Reactors: Current Issues and Future Challenges


IAEA Training workshop on "Degradation of Primary Components of Pressurized Water Cooled Nuclear Power Plants”, is planned from 29 Sep to 2 Oct 2014, to be hosted by CIEMAT, Madrid (Spain). This activity is follow up of IAEA Technical expert meeting held in Vienna (Nov 2013), where many of you actively participated.

The training workshop is primarily dedicated for young professions (<45 y), early stage researchers and engineers who work in area of NPP operation, safety and nuclear regulatory, PLiM & LTO, structural integrity and surveillance programs, applied research on material science, specifically degradation mechanisms, and other related fields. The program will consist of 3-full days of lectures given by number of senior experts and specialists. Two sessions during afternoons will be allocated for presentation of participants and their work – posters. Furthermore there will also be dedicated technical tour with visit of CIEMAT laboratories and other related facilities.

Working Documents



Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Scientific Secretaries

Mr Keeyoung Kim, Nuclear Power Engineering Section, IAEA Division of Nuclear Power
Mr Andrej Zeman, Physics Section, IAEA Division of Physical and Chemical Sciences

Please contact NENP Engineering Section - Contact Point if you have any questions.