23-26 Sep 2014

Daejeon, Republic of Korea

Technical Meeting on Evaluation and Dependability Assessment of Software for Safety Instrumentation and Control Systems at Nuclear Power Plants


Digital instrumentation and control (I&C) systems play an increasing role in nuclear power plants (NPPs). Most plants built before the 1980s–90s relied mostly on analogue I&C systems. Digital safety I&C systems were introduced gradually, either in the initial design or as upgrades. Nowadays, all new designs depend in large part on digital systems and their software, and most I&C upgrades of existing plants rely on digital technologies.

The evaluation and dependability assessment of software important to safety is an essential and difficult aspect of the safety justification for digital systems. Software failure mechanisms are very different from those that lead to hardware failure. The concern here is with residual design errors: system developers do their best to avoid, detect and remove design errors, but in practice it is impossible to claim and justify complete freedom from residual design errors. However, in case of incorrect behaviour, there might be a risk of common cause failure (CCF) that could defeat redundancy or defence in depth measures.

The purpose of the meeting is to serve as a forum for interested Member States to discuss commonly encountered difficulties and to share best practices or strategies used in the evaluation and dependability assessment of software, as well as to discuss the challenges and issues that need to be resolved in this area. An additional goal of the meeting is to review the draft version of a new IAEA report on the same subject.

For additional information regarding participant eligibility, please refer to the Information Sheet below. Please also note that the deadline for nomination, through official channels, is 31 July 2014.

Working Documents

IAEA Scientific Secretaries

Janos Eiler, Nuclear Power Engineer
Nuclear Power Engineering Section
Division of Nuclear Power, IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy

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