3-5 Sep 2014

Garching, Germany

Technical Meeting on Engineering and Design Aspects of Computer Security for Instrumentation and Control Systems at Nuclear Power Plants


The transition to digital technology has changed the nature of instrumentation and control (I&C) systems at nuclear power plants (NPPs) and made computer security a necessary element for consideration in I&C system design. Malicious attacks on these systems could have serious effects on plant safety. In addition, vulnerabilities can exist in the tools used to design and test I&C systems. Thus, computer security must be explicitly considered as part of the system design and also through provisions and protections established for the design and development process.

The IAEA has been active in the field of digital system reliability and computer security for a long time in order to respond to growing concerns and demand for assistance. The IAEA seeks to address the security concerns for I&C systems partly through the development of relevant guidance material. In this respect, the IAEA is currently preparing a new IAEA Nuclear Security Series publication entitled "Computer Security Controls for Instrumentation and Control Systems at Nuclear Facilities", which discusses computer security issues that should be addressed during the life cycle of digital I&C systems applied at nuclear facilities.

The purpose of this meeting is to serve as an international forum for sharing best practices and strategies used in the engineering and design of computer security measures for I&C systems at NPPs, as well as for discussing the challenges and issues that need to be resolved in this area.

For additional information regarding participant eligibility, please refer to the Information Sheet below. Please also note that the deadline for nomination, through official channels, is 30 June 2014.

Working Documents

IAEA Scientific Secretary

Janos Eiler, Nuclear Power Engineer
Nuclear Power Engineering Section
Division of Nuclear Power, IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy

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