26-29 Aug 2014

Qingdau, China

Technical Meeting on Industrial Involvement and Localization for New Nuclear Power Plant Construction

It is recognized that a viable national industry involvement in launching/expanding nuclear power countries is one of the major areas of concern when developing a nuclear power programme. Many goods and services are required to construct a nuclear power plant and support its operation. Industrial organizations are needed that can comply with strict codes and standards and rigorous quality programmes related to these goods and services. Most countries have an objective to localize those parts of industrial involvement where national industrial organizations can cost-effectively achieve these high standards. The purpose of the Technical Meeting is to provide guidance/ training to:

  • Exchange specific information and facilitate the management and coordination of potential of localization areas led by private sectors and government sectors within the country and between organizations in countries with expanding or embarking nuclear programmes and new entrants;
  • Present and discuss case studies, good practices, problems identified and lessons learned relating to localization process of nuclear technologies between organizations in countries with established nuclear programmes and countries launching/expanding on nuclear power programme; and
  • Provide a forum in which participants can discuss common challenges, opportunities for cooperation, concerns and issues that their countries are facing, or may face, in the area of an expanding nuclear power programme.

Working Documents

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Day 1

Technical Tour to Shandong Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing Company, and Haiyang AP 1000 Nuclear Power Plant Construction Site


Day 2

Keynote Speeches

Technical presentations: Planning for local industrial involvement and the supply chains

Day 3

Keynote Speeches

Technical presentations: Planning for local industrial involvement and the supply chains


Day 4

Keynote Speeches


IAEA Scientific Secretaries

Masahiro Yagi
Nuclear Infrastructure Development Section
Ki Sig Kang
Nuclear Power Engineering Section 
IAEA Division of Nuclear Power

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