To be Confirmed 2014

Kalpakkam, India

Technical Meeting on the Construction and Commissioning of Fast Reactors

Recognizing the importance of international cooperation in the area of construction and commissioning of fast reactors, the IAEA promotes activities aimed at sharing relevant knowledge and experiences among interested Member States.

The Technical Meeting on "Construction and Commissioning of Fast Reactors" will provide an international forum to discuss the main engineering, technological, economical, safety and licensing aspects of fast reactor construction and commissioning. An additional aim is to collect experiences from past and recent realization of fast reactors that are relevant to new projects in the near term and form the basis for examining lessons learned in construction and commissioning activities.

For additional information regarding participant eligiblity, please refer to the Information Sheet below. Please also note that the deadline for all nomination forms and abstracts for proposed papers is 15 March 2014.

Working Documents

IAEA Scientific Secretary

Stefano Monti, Team Leader for Fast Reactor Technology Development
Nuclear Power Technology Development Section
Division of Nuclear Power, IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy

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