8-11 Apr 2014

IAEA, Vienna, Austria

Technical Meeting on the Safety of High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactors in the Light of the Fukushima Daiichi Accident


Following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident, the safety of all nuclear installations is once again a main focal point, and all developers of nuclear reactor technologies have an added responsibility to demonstrate that whatever nuclear reactor design they propose, will be able to survive the challenges that befell the Fukushima NPP. The intrinsic properties of modular HTGRs minimize, and in many cases eliminate concerns with offsite and onsite AC power, the need for active safety systems and required operator actions to avoid large radionuclide releases from multi-reactor plant sites to the offsite public. Despite these favourable characteristics, the reactor designer must still assure a safe design.

The development and implementation of comprehensive Safety Design Criteria that take HTGR specific characteristics into account would provide a high level of assurance that modular HTGRs are consistently designed, constructed, and operated in a manner that takes advantage of these intrinsic properties, while also avoiding unintended compromises in plant safety.

Working Documents


SESSION I: Status on HTGR Research and Development in Member States

SESSION II: HTGR Safety Design Features

SESSION III: HTGR Safety Research

SESSION IV: Work Session on Modular HTGR Safety Design

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