4-7 Feb 2014

IAEA, Vienna, Austria

Technical Meeting on Topical Issues in the Development of Nuclear Power Infrastructure

The annual Technical Meeting on Topical Issues of Infrastructure Development is the main forum for senior managers involved in national nuclear power programmes to meet and discuss challenges and common issues. The 2014 meeting focuses on strategic management of new or expanding nuclear power development programmes, in particular:

  • National decision on nuclear power and pre-feasibility contents;
  • Integrated approach to human resources and workforce planning;
  • Legislative and regulatory frameworks;
  • Communication and stakeholder involvement;
  • Preparing the national industry to be part of the nuclear power project;
  • Contractual options, financing and managing financial risk.

Working Documents

This technical meeting was featured in two IAEA news stories:


Day 1

Opening Address by Mr Alexander Bychkov, Deputy Director General, Head of the Department of Nuclear Energy

Session 1: The UK’s Recent Experience with Developing New Nuclear Power Projects
IAEA Update
Session 2: Update from Newcomer Countries
Breakout Sessions

Day 2

Session 3: Integrated Approach to Human Resources and Workforce Planning
Session 4: Communication and Stakeholder Involvement
Session 5: Updates from Countries Considering Nuclear Power
Breakout Sessions
Session 6: Updates from IAEA

Day 3

Session 7: Establishing the Owner-Operator and Preparing for Operation
Session 8: Legislative and Regulatory Frameworks
Update from Japan
Breakout Sessions

Day 4

Session 9: Looking to the Future

IAEA Scientific Secretary

Ms Marta Ferrari
Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Group
IAEA Division of Nuclear Power

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