4-6 Sep 2013

L’Aéro-Club de France, Paris, France

Technical Meeting on Flexible (non-baseload) Operation Approaches for Nuclear Power Plants

The purpose of the meeting is to establish a common understanding of all the relevant aspects of the flexible operation of nuclear power plants (NPPs), and to introduce a draft guideline document for related decision making and implementation (either through new designs or the conversion of existing plants) based on the current knowledge and operational experience in Member States.

Working Documents

Group Photo


Opening and Introduction
SESSION I: Introduction and Background on Flexible Operations
SESSION II: Current Experience with Flexible Operations
SESSION III: Impact of Flexible Operations on NPP
SESSION IV: Management of NPP Flexible Operation Mode
SESSION V: Economic Considerations of Flexible Operations
SESSION VI: Baseload to Flexible Operations

Please contact NENP Engineering Section - Contact Point if you have any questions.