19-21 August 2013

IAEA Headquarters,
Building F,
Room F0879, Vienna, Austria

Terms of Reference for Consultancy Meeting to Prepare the 7th INPRO Dialogue Forum on Sustainability of Nuclear Energy System (NES) Based on Evolutionary Reactors


The International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO) was launched in the year 2000, based on resolutions of the IAEA General Conference (GC(44)/RES/21). INPRO objectives are to help to ensure that nuclear energy is available in the 21st century in a sustainable manner. Moreover, INPRO seeks to bring together all interested Member States, including technology holders and users, to jointly consider actions to achieve desired innovations. Four projects are reflected in the Action Plan for 2012-2013, as endorsed by the Steering Committee: Project 1: National long-range nuclear energy strategies; Project 2: Global nuclear energy scenarios; Project 3: Innovations (technical and institutional); and Project 4: Policy coordination and the INPRO Dialogue Forum. The current Consultancy Meeting will prepare for the 7th INPRO Dialogue Forum. Additional details on the INPRO project are available on the INPRO website

Activity: Consultancy Meeting to prepare the 7th INPRO Dialogue Forum

To assist Member States in long range and strategic planning of nuclear energy programmes, INPRO is offering support to Member States in assessing sustainability of nuclear energy systems (NES) as part of their country’s energy mix. In selecting certain technology (e.g. a reactor design) for the NES sustainability assessment (NESA), the assessor is dependent on the information available for each particular design of interest. Some INPRO Methodology criteria require that specific input data be collected and analysed by an assessor. In some cases, engagement with technology design authorities and their direct participation in an assessment may be the most practical approach. This INPRO Dialogue Forum will provide an opportunity for nuclear technology designers/vendors of evolutionary power reactors to meet with interested IAEA Member States’ participants and for the vendors to present exemplary INPRO Methodology assessments of their reactor products. It is also an opportunity for the technology holders and users to discuss approaches to further their cooperation. To prepare for the Dialogue Forum, a Consultancy Meeting with participating designers of evolutionary reactors is required to provide familiarization with the INPRO Methodology and assessment of reactor design to develop materials for the dialogue forum, and to discuss their potential role to support Member States particularly in providing the necessary design information.

Meeting objectives

The objectives of this Consultancy Meeting are to:

  • Familiarize participants with assessment of sustainability of NES using the INPRO Methodology;
  • Discuss sample assessment of evolutionary reactors in the areas of safety of nuclear reactors, environment (stressors) and waste management (minimisation);
  • Discuss reactor designs and selection of criteria; and
  • Discuss important role of vendors in a NESA, particularly in providing necessary design information.

TECDOC-1575 rev. 1 on the INPRO Methodology will be sent to participants prior to the meeting.


Mr Franck Lignini, AREVA, France
Mr Jong Tae Seo, KEPCO, Rep. of Korea
Mr Sumio Fujii, MITSUBISHI, Japan
Mr Mikhail Bykov, OKB “GIDROPRESS”, Russian Federation
Mr Denis Kolchinskiy, VNIPIET, Russian Federation

IAEA Participants

Mr Andriy Korinny, Scientific Secretary
Mr Zoran Drace, INPRO Group Head
Mr Frank Depisch, INPRO Group
Ms Christina Johari, INPRO Group
Mr Jon R. Phillips, INPRO Group
Mr Hussam Khartabil, NSNI


The consultancy will be held at the IAEA (Room: F0879), Vienna, Austria, from 19-21 August, 2013.

Programmatic context

The activity is being implemented under Project 4, Activity of the IAEA Programme & Budget 2012–2013).


Scientific Secretary

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E-mail: A.Korinny@iaea.org

Secretarial and Administrative Support

Ms J. Golubovic, Ms K. Robinson-Onorati and Ms A. Morscher
Secretaries to the INPRO Secretariat
Tel. +43 1 2600 26741; 22885; 26423
Fax: +43 1 26007
E-mail: J.Golubovic@iaea.org, K.Robison-Onorati@iaea.org; A.Morscher@iaea.org