10-12 Jun 2013

IAEA, Vienna, Austria

Technical Meeting on Re-evaluation of Maximum Operating Temperatures and Accident Conditions for High Temperature Reactor (HTR) Fuel and Structural Materials

The purpose of this meeting is to provide a forum for the exchange of information on the subject of maximum allowable operating temperatures as well as accident conditions for HTRs. The meeting will draw on as much evidence as possible from both simulations and experiments. The ultimate objective is to confirm the safety of HTRs in terms of their fuel designs and structural materials. This can be done by either establishing new, or confirming the versatility of existing, acceptance criteria for fission product release.

The target audience for this meeting comprises researchers and practitioners working in the area of core neutronics design and thermal hydraulics of HTGRs, as well as fuel design and safety analysis engineers from organizations performing work on HTGRs.

Working Documents

Group Photo


Opening and Introduction
Session I: Country feedback on general HTGR activities
Session II: Normal Operation Fuel Performance
Session III: Accident Condition Fuel Performance
Session IV: Related Analysis/Licensing and Safety

Please contact NENP Technology Development Section - Contact Point if you have any questions.