15-17 May 2013

IAEA, Vienna, Austria

Technical Meeting on Technical Support Organization (TSO) role and responsibilities

The objectives of this meeting is to establish a common understanding of the role and responsibilities of TSOs, including their organization and interfaces, in strengthening the design and performance decision making capabilities of owners/operators of NPPs. Specifically, the meeting aims to:

  • Emphasize the key responsibilities of TSOs (internal and external);
  • Clarify the organizational structures and core activities of TSOs for an NPP;
  • Describe essential TSO activities at different stages of the lifetime of an NPP;
  • Determine the drivers of quality control and assurance in TSO services and interfaces, and associated oversight functions;
  • Define the need for a "design authority" as a competent interpreter of the technology and as a guardian of the licensing envelope and of plant configuration; and
  • Explore recommendations on the role of NPP managers in interfacing with the TSOs, and in assessing their performance.

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Opening and Introduction

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