26-27 Feb 2013

IAEA, Vienna, Austria

3rd Joint GIF-IAEA Workshop on Safety Design Criteria for Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors

The Generation IV International Forum (GIF), and the IAEA are collaborating and sharing information in selected areas, including the safety of Sodium-cooled Fast Reactors (SFR) and in particular the harmonization of safety approach, safety requirements and safety design criteria for the GENIV SFRs under development worldwide.

In this workshop, GIF, the IAEA (through the Department of Nuclear Energy and the Department of Safety and Security), and Member States will present and share information on safety design criteria for SFR, including safety approach and requirements for general plant design.

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Day 1
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Scientific Secretaries

Mr. S. Monti
Nuclear Power Technology Development Section
IAEA Division of Nuclear Power

Mr. J. Phillips
IAEA Division of Nuclear Power