11-14 Feb 2013

IAEA, Vienna, Austria

Technical Meeting on Topical Issues on Nuclear Infrastructure Development: Nuclear Power Project Development in Emerging Nuclear Power States

The objective of the meeting is to serve as a forum for sharing specific experience and information related to the management of a nuclear power project, as well as for discussing the challenges and issues that need to be resolved in this process in countries either initiating or expanding their nuclear power programmes.

Working Documents

Group Photo

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Opening and Introduction
Session 1: Role of the Government/NEPIO in Coordination of All Related Activities for Nuclear Power Program Approval and Implementation
Session 2: Prospective of the Nuclear Industry
Session 3: Knowledgeable NPP Owner/Operator
Feedback from Break-Out Sessions on the Development of a Knowledgeable Owner-Operator
Session 4: Independent RBs and NPP Licensing within the IAEA Milestone Approach
Feedback from Break-Out Sessions on the Development of an operational and Independent Regulatory Body for the Licensing of the First NPP
Session 5: Evaluation of the Nuclear Power Infrastructure and IAEA Review Missions
Session 6: Looking Ahead for the Future

IAEA Scientific Secretary

Mr. Vincent Nkong Njock
Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Group
IAEA Division of Nuclear Power

Meeting Coordinator

Mr Ioan Rotaru (IAEA Consultant)

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