Nuclear Power Engineering

Management Systems for Nuclear Facilities and Activities

A sustainable and successful management system ensures that nuclear safety matters are not dealt with in isolation. It integrates safety, health, security, safeguards, quality, economic and environmental issues, as defined in the IAEA Safety Standards. The aim is to ensure that no separate management systems will be formed in an organization and that safety issues are of high importance in decision making.

The IAEA conducts numerous activities to support Member States in establishing, implementing and improving their management systems to assure the safe, reliable and economic operations of nuclear facilities. This includes safe handling of radioactive sources and technical services in radiation safety. IAEA assistance includes workshops, training sessions, and expert missions. Special attention is paid to supporting countries embarking on a new nuclear power programme or expanding an existing one.

IAEA Safety Standards for Management Systems for Facilities and Activities

The IAEA Safety Standards establish requirements and provide guidance for applying a management system for facilities and activities. They address the different life cycle phases of a nuclear facility from design through operation to decommissioning and waste management. These IAEA Safety Standards include:

Integrated Management System

Additional IAEA guidance publications on management systems:

Training on Management Systems

Module 8 on Management Systems explains why a management system is needed and the steps to develop, implement and continually improve it.

This training module can be accessed on the e-learning web page or downloaded from the IAEA Open Learning Management System CLP4NET.

IAEA Management System Network of Excellence


The IAEA's Management System Network of Excellence (MSN) facilitates and enhances cooperation and the exchange knowledge and experience on management systems and safety culture in the nuclear industry.

It is one of the networks of CONNECT, a password protected, members only, web-based collaboration platform hosted by the IAEA on behalf of its Member States that provides a gateway for interconnecting IAEA networks, increasing the participation of individuals and organizations involved in them, and making available additional sources of information that complement existing training workshops and meetings.

Access to CONNECT can be requested at here .

Please contact the Nuclear Energy Management System Network – Contact Point if you have any questions regarding Management Systems.