Nuclear Power Engineering

Integrated Management System

To assist Member States the IAEA developed a set of Safety Standards that establishes requirements and provides guidance for applying an Integrated Management System for facilities and activities. The main objective of the Management System requirements is that all safety, health, environmental, security, quality and economical elements are combined in one Integrated Management System in order to assure that safety is not compromised by considering the implications of all actions with regard to safety as a whole and not in separate Management Systems.

The present set of Safety Standards for Management Systems gives clear recommendation and guidance for management systems for facilities and activities and comprises the various phases of a nuclear facility, including construction, commissioning, operation and decommissioning. The Safety Standards consist of:

Integrated Management System

  • The Management System for Facilities and Activities Safety Requirements
    Series No. GS-R-3, published Friday, July 21, 2006.
    English, Full Text, (299 kb).
    This publication is also available in French Russian Arabic Chinese

  • Application of the Management System for Facilities and Activities Safety Guide
    Series No. GS-G-3.1, published Friday, July 28, 2006.
    English, Full Text, (745 kb).
    This publication is also available in Russian

  • The Management System for Technical Services in Radiation Safety Safety Guide
    Series No. GS-G-3.2, published Wednesday, July 02, 2008.
    English, Full Text, (378 kb).
    This publication is also available in French

  • The Management System for the Processing, Handling and Storage of Radioactive Waste Safety Guide
    Series No. GS-G-3.3, published Wednesday, July 02, 2008.
    English, Full Text, (510 kb).

  • The Management System for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste Safety Guide
    Series No. GS-G-3.4, published Tuesday, July 01, 2008.
    English, Full Text (429 kb).

  • The Management System for Nuclear Installations Safety Guide
    Series No. GS-G-3.5, published Monday, October 05, 2009.
    English, Full Text, (1070 kb).

Training on Management Systems


Using the following link you can download training material on management systems based on GS-R-3 and the related safety guides:


Vienna, May 2007

Development of Additional Guidance

To assist Member States in the development and implementation of a process based integrated management system, the Nuclear Power Engineering Section (NPES) is developing the following set of Nuclear Energy Series documents:

  • Transition from Quality Management to Integrated Management Systems;
  • Establishing process-based management systems;
  • Implementation of a Management System for Operating Organizations of Research Reactors; A Case Study.

The basis for safe operation of a nuclear facility is technical competence supported by a well implemented and established Management System and a good organizational culture in which all cultural aspects like e.g safety, maintenance and security culture is also integrated.

Integrated Management System

Since clear leadership is a prerequisite for a good organizational culture NPES is developing a Nuclear Energy Series document: Leadership in nuclear organisations.

The present developments in the nuclear energy sector show that organizations are changing the organization structure on regular bases. The changes are sometimes initiated by internal motivation but also very frequently initiated by external factors.

To assist Member States in this important process NPES is developing a Nuclear Energy Series Document "Managing Organizational Change in Nuclear Facilities".

The expected publication dates for the documents mentioned above is in the second half of 2012.

Support to New Nuclear Power Programmes

Nuclear Power Engineering Section (NPES), in cooperation with other Agency units, conducts a wide range of activities to support Member States in establishing, implementing and improving their management system to assure safe and reliable operations of nuclear facilities, safe handling of radioactive sources and providing technical services in radiation safety.

Such support includes organizing workshops and training sessions, and conducting expert and review missions. The activities comprise all relevant aspects of the development and implementation of processed based integrated management systems and improvement of the organization culture for all phases of a nuclear installation from the planning phase till operation and decommissioning. Special attention is paid to the support for countries embarking on nuclear power and building their first nuclear power plant, or expanding their nuclear power programmes.

Management System Network of Excellence

The IAEA developed a dedicated Management System Network (MSN) of Excellence to facilitate and encourage enhanced co-operation and the exchange of knowledge and experience on management systems and safety culture in the nuclear industry and related disciplines throughout the world. The Management System Network is one of the networks of CONNECT. Connect is a web-based platform hosted by the IAEA on behalf of its Member States that will provide a gateway for interconnecting IAEA networks, increasing the participation of individuals and organizations involved in them, and making available additional sources of information that complement existing training workshops and meetings.

Amongst the features provided by CONNECT the Management System Network (MSN) will provide the following features related to management systems and safety culture:

  • Overview of important meetings
  • Discussion forums on both common and special topics
  • Expert search function; find the person who can help you with your problems
  • Library of documents, presentations, videos, software tools, glossaries, and other resources
  • E-Learning: nuclear education and training, on demand video, and archived presentations and seminars
  • Resources, including calendar of meetings and events, training courses, webinars, and online meeting workspaces

CONNECT is currently available for a limited number of Networks

Access to MSN and the other CONNECT networks can be requested at

Please note that CONNECT is only available to registered users of IAEA NUCLEUS site. To register for NUCLEUS, simply go to and follow the instructions for registration. Registration is simple and takes only a few minutes. No approval is required and access is immediate.

NUCLEUS provides a single-sign-on (SSO) solution for users of IAEA resources on the web that require authentication (i.e., username and password protection). With NUCLEUS, you only need to register one time and you can use the same username and password for access to all of the IAEA's many online resources.

**Important: Please note that CONNECT is not available to the general public. It is a special collaboration platform for current participants and partners in the IAEA Networks. If you are a current participant or would like to be considered for membership, please visit the CONNECT website, or visit one of the network websites shown in the left-side navigation from this page.

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The presentations and other training material can be found on ENTRAC, The IAEA web catalogue on training and engineering related information in the nuclear industry:

Please contact NENP Engineering Section - Contact Point if you have any questions.