E-learning for Nuclear Newcomers

Is your country considering nuclear power?

The IAEA is here to help!

We have created an interactive e-learning series explaining the IAEA’s Milestones Approach to introducing a nuclear power programme. This approach is based on three phases and covers the 19 infrastructure issues that need to be addressed, and brings decades of expertise to life. Both newcomers and those expanding their nuclear power programmes may benefit from the e-learning series.

E-learning Modules

We have developed interactive and engaging e-learning modules explaining various aspects of nuclear power infrastructure development, which are listed below.

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The individual models can also be accessed by clicking on the images below, but can only by downloaded via CLP4NET.

Module 1


Implementing a Nuclear Power Programme
is an introduction and overview of
nuclear power infrastructure development

Module 2


Developing a Human Resource Strategy
focuses on human resources management,
a crucial element of a nuclear power programme

Module 3

Stakeholder Involvement

Stakeholder Involvement
emphasizes the importance of engaging
stakeholders in a nuclear power programme

Module 4

Management of a Nuclear Power Programme

Management of a Nuclear Power Programme
explains why strong management and leadership
is needed for a successful programme

Module 5

Construction Management

Construction Management
addresses the key challenges in constructing a nuclear
power plant as part of the nuclear power programme

Module 6

Systematic Approach to Training (SAT)

Systematic Approach to Training (SAT)
is internationally recognized as a key tool for ensuring
the competency of all Nuclear Power Programme personnel

Module 7

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study
represents an important step in the justification of
a nuclear power plant new build project

Module 8

Feasibility Study

Management Systems
explains why a management system is needed and
the steps to develop, implement and continually improve it

Module 9

Safety Infrastructure

Safety Infrastructure
defines safety infrastructure and its importance
in a nuclear power program

Module 10

Emergency Preparedness and Response

Emergency Preparedness and Response
explains how to update an EPR framework
for a nuclear power programme

Module 11

Introduction to Safeguards

Introduction to Safeguards
provides an overview of IAEA safeguards, including legal aspects, and
discusses the key elements of a State's safeguards infrastructure

Module 12

Spent fuel and radioactive waste management

Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste Management
presents the key aspects and fundamental considerations
of spent fuel and radioactive waste management when initiating a nuclear power programme.

Module 13


addresses the stages to successfully select and
evaluate a suitable site and the importance of this
significant process for a nuclear power programme

Module 14

Legal Framework

Legal Framework
provides an overview of the elements of an
adequate national legal framework for the safe,
secure and peaceful use of nuclear technology,
including for a nuclear power programme.

Module 15

Building a National Position

Building a National Position
provides guidance to countries seeking to
establish a national position on the introduction
or reestablishment of a nuclear power programme.

Module 16

Culture for Safety

Culture for Safety
explains the relationship between culture, behavior,
and safety and why they are all so important in a nuclear power programme.

Module 17


provides an overview of procurement issues related to nuclear facilities,
and a perspective on the importance of effective procurement processes.

Module 18


Optimizing Local Industrial Involvement
provides guidance on effective approaches to optimize
local industrial involvement in nuclear power programmes.

Do you need help navigating through the e-learning modules?

Based on a feedback we’ve got from users we have now created the User Guide Animation together with the accompanying PDF.

This User Guide has been designed to help you to use the IAEA Milestones e-learning modules. It will guide you through the basic navigation and some of the key features of the e-learning. It will also provide some useful hints and tips to make your journey through the e-learning as easy as possible.

Who benefits?

The e-learning modules target a variety of stakeholders in Member States interested in or embarking on a nuclear power programme:

Decision makers, advisers and senior managers in governmental organizations, regulatory bodies, utilities and industries, as well as donors, suppliers and other related bodies.

Students, academics and researchers in the nuclear field may better understand the "big picture" of developing nuclear power programmes.

Those involved in expanding existing nuclear power programmes may also find the modules a valuable resource.

Whatever your role or interest in your country's nuclear power programme, this e-learning will further you knowledge and understanding.


This e-learning project is supported by an extrabudgetary contribution from the Republic of Korea under the Peaceful Uses Initiative. It is implemented by the Nuclear Infrastructure Development Section (NIDS) with support from the Nuclear Power Engineering Section (NPES) of the IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy.

All of the modules are based on the IAEA publications "Milestones in the Development of a National Infrastructure for Nuclear Power" (Nuclear Energy Series No. NG-G-3.1), other relevant IAEA publications, and current experiences from newcomer countries.


We would really appreciate receiving your feedback on this e-learning material to try to make future modules even better. When you’ve completed any of the modules in the series, please send any feedback you have to the IAEA's Nuclear Energy Human Resource Development - Contact Point. Thank you!