Nuclear Infrastructure Development Section

In January 2014, the Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Group (INIG) was upgraded to the Nuclear Infrastructure Development Section (NIDS) to help the IAEA offer improved services to Member States. The new Section supports Member States embarking on a new nuclear power programme or expanding an existing one, in building a sound nuclear infrastructure which is crucial to establishing and operating nuclear power programmes in a safe, secure and sustainable manner.

NIDS assists Member States:

  • to have a better understanding of the requirements needed for implementing nuclear power programmes;

  • to enhance their capabilities associated with the construction of a first nuclear power plant or expanding the existing fleet of nuclear power plants;

  • to enhance their abilities to develop the necessary infrastructure for introducing nuclear power in a safe and sustainable manner; and

  • to expand the use of an internationally recognized approach, known as the IAEA Milestones approach, for the introduction of nuclear power, including a harmonized framework and qualitative data, through coordination throughout the IAEA.

Today, 30 countries use nuclear power and about the same number are considering using it to meet their growing energy demands. The IAEA offers a range of services to countries considering the introduction of nuclear power. These include advice on proper planning, building the required human resources and infrastructure, establishing legal and regulatory frameworks, and ensuring the highest standards of safety and security, without increasing proliferation risks.

Brochure: Developing Infrastructure for New Nuclear Power Programmes

The IAEA offers independent know-how on the construction, commissioning, start-up and operation of nuclear reactors. Through the Technical Cooperation programme, the IAEA provides targeted support to ‘newcomer’ countries in response to national development needs.

The aim is that countries should be able to introduce nuclear power knowledgeably, profitably and safely. A brochure summarizes IAEA services in the field of new nuclear power programmes.