IAEA Assistance Package for Future Owner/Operator

The introduction and development of nuclear power is a major undertaking. It requires building the necessary national infrastructure to construct and operate nuclear power plants (NPP) in a safe, secure and technically sound manner.

Once a firm decision has been made by a government to proceed with the development of a nuclear programme, a number of organizations must be developed. A key organization for the successful construction and operation of the first nuclear power plant is the owner/operator, who provides ownership and management of the project.

The IAEA assistance package for future NPP owner/operator organizations for Phases 2 and 3 of developing a new nuclear power programme includes the following types of assistance to help ensure a safe, secure and economic operation of the first NPP:

  1.  Workshops (WS) on NPP Owner/Operator responsibilities and managerial aspects; 

  2.  Expert Missions (EM) on specific aspects of NPP Owner/Operator activities; 

  3.  IAEA review services and peer review missions for NPP Owner/Operator organizations in Phases 2 and 3 of developing a nuclear power programme. 

Belarus started construction of its first NPP at the Ostrovets site on 6 November 2013. (Photo: DNPPC)

Belarus started construction of its first NPP at the
Ostrovets site on 6 November 2013.
(Photo: DNPPC)

An IAEA publication on ‘Initiating Nuclear Power Programmes: Responsibilities and Capabilities of Owners and Operators' (IAEA Nuclear Energy Series NG-T-3.1) provides practical guidance on the main activities, responsibilities and desirable attributes of the designated owner/operator in a country initiating a nuclear power programme.

The owner/operator must clearly understand what must be done and how it has to act, who are partners and supporters and the corresponding interactions that have to be established. The owner/operator may be state owned or a private company and should become a legal entity that can be licensed in accordance with the national legislation and nuclear regulations to operate an NPP. It may be an existing utility, or a specially established project organization.

The owner/operator's responsibilities include bidding, construction, licensing, commissioning, operation, maintenance, life management and final decommissioning. It will have the ultimate responsibility to meet the safety, security and safeguards requirements at national and international levels. These responsibilities cannot be delegated.

For more details or further information please contact: Nuclear Infrastructure Development - Contact Point