Meetings - 2013

The following is a list of technical meetings, working group meetings, and workshops specific to and organized by the Division of Nuclear Power of the IAEA. Participation in Consultancy Meetings is by invitation of the IAEA only.

For major IAEA meetings such as conferences, symposia, and meetings of policy-making organs see here. Meetings, training courses, scientific visits, fellowships, and workshops associated with Technical Cooperation projects are managed through the Intouch web site.


D T Date Title Location Officer
2013-02-11 Technical Meeting 11-14 Feb Technical Meeting on Topical Issues on Nuclear Infrastructure Development: Nuclear Power Project Development in Emerging Nuclear Power States IAEA, Vienna,
V. Nkong-Njock
2013-05-07 TWG Meeting 7-10 May Technical Meeting of the Technical Working Group on Nuclear Power Infrastructure (TWG-NPI) Vienna,
M. Aoki
2013-06-04 Technical Meeting 04-06 Jun Technical Meeting on the Cooperation for Human Resources Development among Embarking and Experienced Countries IAEA, Vienna,
J.K. Lee
2013-06-24 Technical Meeting 24-28 Jun Technical Meeting on Technology Assessment for Embarking Countries IAEA, Vienna,
M. Harper
D. Kovacic
2013-06-27 Conference 27-29 Jun International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Power in the 21st Century St. Petersburg,
A. Starz
F. Bazile
M. Yagi
2013-09-02 Technical Meeting 2-4 Sep Technical Meeting on Engaging the Public and Local Communities in the Development of a Nuclear Power Programme IAEA, Vienna,
M. Ferrari
B. Pagannone
2013-10-01 Technical Meeting 1-4 Oct Technical Meeting on Human Resources Roadmap and Capacity Building for New and Expanding Nuclear Power Programmes IAEA, Vienna,
B. Molloy
2013-10-07 Workshop Postponed to 2014 Workshop on Energy Assessments and Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Studies for Nuclear Power Programme Seoul,
J.K. Lee, K.S. Kang, I. Jalal
2013-10-28 Technical Meeting 28 Oct - 1 Nov Technical Meeting on Management of NPP Projects Hanoi,
J. Boogaard
2013-11-04 Technical Meeting 4-8 Nov Technical Meeting on Strategic Supply Chain and National Industrial Involvement for Nuclear Power Beaune and Monthieux,
X. Li
M. Yagi
2013-11-20 Workshop 20-22 Nov 12th IAEA-FORATOM Management Systems Workshop - Journey to Excellence in a Changing Environment IAEA, Vienna,
J.P. Boogaard
2013-11-27 Technical Meeting 27-28 Nov Technical Meeting on Establishing Networks for Countries Introducing Nuclear Power IAEA, Vienna,
M. Van Sickle
2013-12-03 Technical Meeting 3-6 Dec Technical Meeting on Outreach and Stakeholder Involvement for Nuclear Power Programmes College Station, TX, USA B. Pagannone
M. Sbaffoni