Assistance & Review Services

Practical assistance of the IAEA is also given in the form of review or assistance missions. Some topics of these missions include but are not limited to: feasibility study, nuclear law, regulatory framework and organization, site survey and site evaluation, human resources development plan, bid tendering and evaluation, owner/operator's competence building, regulator's competence building, reactor technology assessment.

Review services

Integrated missions consisting of experts from different technical backgrounds provide a holistic overview of national infrastructure development. Their objectives are to explain the IAEA guidance publications and available services, and discuss future actions.

  • Milestones mission: provide an overview of integrated approach to nuclear power planning

  • Self-assessment support: assist with the process for conducting a self-assessment as well as with how to understand the basis of evidence for each of the 19 issues in the evaluation methodology

  • Pre- INIR mission: logistical preparation of the Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review mission

  • The Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review Mission (INIR mission): evaluate the overall status of the national nuclear infrastructure development

Coordination of infrastructure assistance

The IAEA is also able to assist in the coordination of assistance to countries introducing nuclear power. If requested the Agency can play a role in bringing together bilateral and IAEA technical cooperation assistance.