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Electronic Nuclear Training Catalogue (ENTRAC)

ENTRAC Home Page Several information resources are maintained by the IAEA to provide for preservation and transfer of information and knowledge. One of those is ENTRAC. ENTRAC is actively used by the industry managers and specialists as well as by young generations, and has recently been expanded with information for new Member States regarding Human Resource Management.

ENTRAC (Electronic Nuclear Training Catalogue) is maintained by the IAEA Division of Nuclear Power to provide nuclear industry specialists with information that help them and their organizations to continually improve and learn from others. ENTRAC contains information collected by both the IAEA and nuclear industry organizations in many areas of nuclear sector such as reliable supply of competent workforce; personnel training; human resource management; human performance improvement; integrated management systems; various phases of a nuclear facility life cycle including design, construction and commissioning, operation and decommissioning; infrastructure for the nuclear power sector and new builds; and nuclear power engineering and technology. The ENTRAC library; information on the training courses, workshops, meetings and conferences; actual needs of the nuclear industry organizations; collection of useful web links; data on the training organizations; and effective search mechanism provide a framework for networking the ENTRAC users and sharing experience. Unique knowledge from various workshops, meetings and projects is being preserved and used by hundreds of nuclear industry managers and specialists from the nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities, regulatory bodies, technical support and training organizations, suppliers, governmental agencies and international organizations.

ENTRAC also serves as an efficient tool in preparing for and organizing various IAEA meetings and training events; that minimizes the expenditure of resources. Explore an opportunity to be the part of learning nuclear community.