Support for Nuclear Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen Economic Evaluation Program (HEEP)


The IAEA Hydrogen Economic Evaluation Program (HEEP) is a tool made freely available by the International Atomic Energy Agency, which can be used, similar in principles to the IAEA software DEEP, for performance and cost evaluation of large scale hydrogen production using nuclear energy. The software could be used to analyse the economics of the four most promising processes for hydrogen production: high and low temperature electrolysis, thermochemical processes including S-I process, conventional electrolysis and steam reforming. The IAEA HEEP software is suitable for comparative studies not only between nuclear and fossil energy sources for hydrogen production but also for solely hydrogen production or cogeneration with electricity. The HEEP models are based on some economic and technical data, and on cost modelling which include various aspects of hydrogen economy including storage, transport, and distribution with options to eliminate or include specific details as required by the users. As HEEP is still under continuous development, the current available version is the beta-version of HEEP.

Download HEEP software (18 Dec 2014)

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