Nuclear Power Engineering

Interfacing Nuclear Power Plants with the Electric Grid

Power lines coming into the Callaway NPP

The interface between nuclear power plants (NPPs) and electric grids deserves careful attention especially in small electric power systems. Electric grids have an important impact on the safe and reliable operation as well as startup/shutdown of NPPs. Conversely, tripping a nuclear reactor may give rise to sizable disturbances in grid parameter (frequency and voltage), which require automated action on the part of grid to maintain the quality of electricity.

Given the current increase in the number of countries considering embarking on nuclear power, and especially considering that a significant number of them are developing countries with small grids, the IAEA introduced a new program on integrating NPPs into electric grid. The program focuses on key areas of interfacing and operating electric grids and NPPs and addresses the grid-related needs of countries planning the establishment or expansion of NPP projects.

Experience gained by experts on both the NPP side and the electric grid area is shared in technical meetings, national workshops and consultancies. Supporting IAEA documents are being prepared on grid interface, stability, and reliability required by NPP operation.


  • IAEA Nuclear Energy Series NG-T-3.8 (2012) Electric Grid Reliability and Interface with Nuclear Power Plants

  • Supporting Document "Elements to Determine the Integration of NPPs into Electric Grids"

Other Related Documents

  • IAEA Nuclear Technology Review 2009 issued for the 2009 IAEA General Conference - Attachment 5 Interfacing Nuclear Power Plants with the Electric Grid: the Need for Reliability amid Complexity

  • IAEA Technical Reports Series No. 224 (1983) Interaction of Grid Characteristics With Design and Performance of Nuclear Power Plants: A Guidebook

  • IAEA Technical Reports Series No. 271 (1987) Introducing Nuclear Power Plants Into Electrical Power Systems of Limited Capacity

  • IAEA Safety Standards Series No. NS-G-1.8 (2004) Design of Emergency Power Systems for Nuclear Power Plants Safety Guide

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