Nuclear Power Engineering Section

The Nuclear Power Engineering Section (NPES) is responsible for implementing the IAEA's sub-programmes on:

  1. Integrated Support for Operating Nuclear Facilities, and

  2. Support for Expansion of Nuclear Power Plants


To enhance the capability of interested Member States, in a rapidly changing market environment, to improve nuclear power plant operating performance, life cycle management including decommissioning, human performance, quality assurance and technical infrastructure, through good practices and innovative approaches consistent with global objectives on non-proliferation, nuclear safety and security.


  • Factors and approaches that have helped in improving NPP performance in recent years and benchmark processes and long term strategies to assist, in the framework of a continuous process optimization, in a continuous improvement of overall NPPs performance and enhancement of safety within Member States.

  • Guidance documents on specific aspects of reactor pressure vessel integrity assessment; verification of steam generator tube integrity; state of art methodologies for condition monitoring of nuclear power plant system, structure and components; ageing management methodologies; economics of plant licence renewal; and costs of decommissioning.

  • Defined databases, e.g. Power Reactor Information System (PRIS), Country Nuclear Power Profiles (CNPP), Electronic Nuclear Training Center Catalogue (ENTRAC) and Nuclear Power Plant Economic Performance Indicators (NEPIS) and the possible creation of a new database for component reliability.

  • A new series of Safety Standards on management systems and proceedings of a workshop on the application of effective management systems in nuclear installations and activities.

  • Technical Documents addressing nuclear power planning covering infrastructure development, phased-out activities, project management and plant acquisition processes.

  • Guidance and proven practices pertaining to attitudes and professionalism of NPP personnel, on effective methods for NPP personnel training, training and performance of NPP contractors, training for commissioning of NPPs, knowledge management, and quality management of NPP training programmes.