Technical Working Group on Managing Human Resources
in the Field of Nuclear Energy (TWG-MHR)

In the Division of Nuclear Power, a Technical Working Group on Training and Qualification of NPP Personnel (established in 1994) has been reorganized in 2008 to focusing on the Management of Human Resources as a whole. The Technical Working Group (TWG) on Managing Human Resources in the Field of Nuclear Energy (TWG-MHR) is a group of experts to provide advice and to support the IAEA programme implementation, reflecting a global network of excellence and expertise in the area of integrated management of human resources including education, personnel training, qualification, performance improvement and knowledge management, for the field of nuclear energy.

Types of facilities involved in the peaceful use of nuclear energy addressed by the TWG:

  • All types of nuclear facilities, including nuclear power plants, throughout their entire life cycles, as implementation of the Agency´s programmatic activities requires;
  • Educational, research and development, training and technical support organizations involved in providing human resources for nuclear facilities and activities.

Managerial areas involved:

  • Management of human resource management (including management of training programmes and personnel performance), as an integral part of nuclear facility Management System.

Technical areas addressed:

  • All essential elements of human resource management, to ensure reliable supply of competent workforce for the nuclear industry and other peaceful uses of nuclear energy;
  • Long-term staffing plans;
  • Education for the field of nuclear energy;
  • Recruitment and selection of personnel;
  • Establishment and maintenance of initial and continuing training, qualification and development programmes based on a Systematic Approach to Training methodology for:
    • nuclear facility managers;
    • operations;
    • maintenance personnel;
    • engineering and technical support personnel;
    • instructors;
    • radiological control and radiation protection personnel;
    • other nuclear facility personnel.
  • Personnel authorization;
  • Human performance improvement;
  • Assuring the competence of nuclear facility contractors;
  • Implementation of state-of-the-art methods and tools for managing human resources;
  • Establishment of training centres and training facilities;
  • Reinforcement of the professionalism of personnel and their attitudes;
  • Support in building capacity of the educational institutions and assistance in translation of the nuclear industry requirements into the educational programmes;
  • Knowledge management for the field of nuclear energy;
  • Support in building infrastructure for the newly established programmes for the peaceful use of nuclear energy, in the aspects of managing human resources.

The functions of the TWG-MHR are as follows:

  1. To provide advice and guidance, and to marshal support in the TWG members´ countries for implementation of the Agency´s programmatic activities in the area of integrated management of human resources including personnel training, qualification and human performance improvement.
  2. To provide a forum for information and knowledge sharing on national and international programmes development in the area of managing human resources.
  3. To act as a link between the Agency´s activities in specific area and national scientific communities, delivering information from and to national communities.
  4. To provide advice on preparatory actions in Member States and the Agency´s activities in planning and implementing coordinated research programmes, collaborative assessments and other activities, and also on the review of the results on human resources development.
  5. To develop and/or review selected documents from the Nuclear Energy Series, assess existing gaps and advise on preparation of new ones, in the scope of the TWG-MHR field of activities.
  6. To identify important topics for discussion by the Standing Advisory Group on Nuclear Energy (SAGNE) and contribute to status reports, technical meetings and topical conferences in the field of human resources for the field of nuclear energy (including nuclear power).
  7. To encourage participation of young professionals, as appropriate, in Agency activities.

Please contact Nuclear Energy Human Resource Development - Contact Point if you have any questions