Nuclear Power Engineering Section

IAEA Coordinated Research Projects (CRP)

Coordinated Research Projects (CRP) are an important IAEA mechanism for organizing international research work to achieve specific research objectives consistent with the IAEA programme of work. The results of these projects are available, free of charge, to scientists, engineers and other users from all Member States.

A primary objective of a CRP is normally the formulation and preparation of a research project for a specific application. Other objectives are often related to availability of the developed results through electronic media and to production of relevant technical document, TECDOC or guideline, containing detailed description of the subject of the research.

Qualification, Condition Monitoring, and Management of Aging of Low Voltage Cables in Nuclear Power Plants

Management of Aging of Low Voltage Cables in Nuclear Power Plants The goal of the CRP is to provide the current and next generation of nuclear facilities with information and guidelines on how to qualify new cables, monitor the performance of existing cables, and establish a program of cable aging management for both the current fleet of reactors and the next generation of nuclear facilities.

More information is available on the CRP website

Review and Benchmark of Calculation Methods of Piping Wall Thinning due to Erosion-Corrosion in Nuclear Power Plants

Flow-accelerated corrosion (FAC) Flow-accelerated corrosion (FAC) is considered as wall thinning of steel piping due to turbulent and fast flowing water or wet steam that wears away the protective film (oxide layer) and leads to continued corrosion of the underlying metal.

Wall thinning in piping and vessels because of FAC has caused sudden ruptures in high and moderate energy systems, resulting in plant transients and affecting safety/non safety related equipment by leaking steam and water and risking personnel safety.

More information is available on the CRP website

Application of wireless technologies in nuclear power plant instrumentation and control systems

Application of wireless technologiesThe overall objective of the proposed CRP is to develop and demonstrate techniques of advanced wireless communication in I&C systems of NPPs that can be used for transferring process and diagnostic information by offering an alternative to wired solutions. This will strengthen Member States’ capabilities for optimization of NPP performance and service life through improved technological and engineering knowledge.

More information is available on the CRP website