18 August 2016 News Story

Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities: Germany’s Experience

Germany recently announced a milestone in the complete dismantling of the reactor pressure vessel of the Obrigheim nuclear power plant in Germany. After 36 years of operations the plant shut was down in 2005 and has been in the process of dismantling since 2008.

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16 August 2016 News Story

First Time: International School on Nuclear Security in Arabic hosted in Egypt

Customs and law enforcement agents are normally the first line of defense against malicious acts. They joined other participants, including regulators, operators, and academics at the nuclear security school held for the first time in Cairo, Egypt.

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15 August 2016 News Story

IAEA Director General Thanks Australia and New Zealand for Helping to Make Nuclear Technology Available for Development

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano highlighted the benefits of nuclear science and technology for development during a week-long visit to Australia and New Zealand and thanked both countries for their support for the Agency.

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12 August 2016 News Story

Supporting the SDGs: IAEA Participates in UN High-Level Development Forum

From 11 to 18 July the IAEA took part in the United Nations first ever High-Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development (HLPF), the central platform created by member states of the United Nations to monitor the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015. The theme of the HLPF was “Ensuring that no one is left behind”.

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11 August 2016 News Story

Young Professionals in Nuclear Field Connect with the IAEA at International Congress in China

The IAEA took an active part in the International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) in July this year, which focused on the theme ‘Nuclear Powering our Life’. Over 400 young professionals from around the world attended the Congress, where they learned about the peaceful applications of nuclear technology, nuclear security, public and emergency communications, as well as the IAEA’s junior professional and internship programmes.

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11 August 2016 News Story

IAEA Impact: How Nuclear Science Helps Botswana Control Animal Diseases, Ensure Food Safety and Maintain its Beef Exports

Lobatse, Botswana – In Botswana, cattle is a way of life. Owning and herding cattle and selling animals for quick cash when money is tight provide the livelihood for much of the rural population and represent an important supplementary income for city dwellers.

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10 August 2016 News Story

Intercontinental Nuclear Institute Prepares Next Generation of Industry Professionals

The Intercontinental Nuclear Institute (INI) brought together 27 fellows from 13 European countries in a learning journey across continents. Held for the second year with support from the IAEA, the INI programme provides experiential learning to promising graduate students and young professionals in the fields of nuclear science and technology, who will be the future experts leading the nuclear power industry.

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3 August 2016 News Story

Tackling Transboundary Animal Diseases: How Nuclear Science Is Making a Difference

Fast and accurate diagnosis and monitoring of animal diseases can make the difference between living in poverty and having a steady source of food and income.

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1 August 2016 News Story

Putting the ‘E’ in Nucl-e-ar: IAEA Develops Online Learning Tools for Member States

Developing a nuclear programme is a major undertaking that requires careful planning, preparation and investment in time, institutions and human resources, and can take at least a decade. Fostering the efficient and safe use of nuclear energy and assisting countries to learn from each other’s experience is among the key roles of the IAEA and the Peaceful Uses Initiative (PUI).

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29 July 2016 News Story

Harnessing Atoms to Save Hearts and Fight Cancer: Nuclear Medicine in Latin America and the Caribbean

Over 600 million hearts are beating in Latin America and the Caribbean, pumping life into bodies that are living longer, but often leading more sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles. The continent’s growing and aging population relies in part on access to nuclear medicine services that improve cost-effective management of the main causes of death: cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

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27 July 2016 News Story

A Day in the Life of a Safeguards Inspector

Walking several miles through the winding, narrow corridors of a nuclear facility in protective gear while carrying heavy equipment, often escorted by facility operator personnel: welcome to the life of an IAEA safeguards inspector.

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25 July 2016 News Story

Enhancing Radiation Safety: IAEA Signs Two Practical Arrangements with Russian Regulatory Authorities

The IAEA will cooperate with Russian authorities in the enhancement of the country’s national radiation safety standards and in the implementation of international safety standards as a result of two new agreements signed last week in Moscow.

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22 July 2016 News Story

New Indoor Positioning Technology to Improve Efficiency and Accuracy of Safeguards Inspections

An indoor positioning technology originally invented to help rescue firefighters will soon be put to use to help IAEA safeguards inspectors verify States’ legal commitment only to use nuclear material and facilities for peaceful purposes.

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21 July 2016 News Story

How Nuclear Technology Helps Sudanese People Cope with Climate Change

The impact of climate change on millions of people in Sudan extends from how it deteriorates soil quality where their food grows to its influence on the spread of disease-carrying insects. Scientists in Sudan are now using nuclear and conventional techniques to find ways to adapt to and mitigate the impact of these changes.

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20 July 2016 News Story

IAEA Experts to Participate in Annual Meeting of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management

The IAEA will showcase its newest nuclear verification monitoring equipment and sampling practices, as well its state-level safeguards approach at the 57th Annual Meeting of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (INMM) later this month.

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19 July 2016 News Story

IAEA Launches New Version of Advanced Reactors Database

The IAEA recently launched a new design of its Advanced Reactors Information System (ARIS) database, which provides detailed technical summaries of the various advanced reactors being offered globally.

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18 July 2016 News Story

IAEA Director General Marks 25th Anniversary of Brazilian – Argentine Agency for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials

IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano congratulated Brazil and Argentina on the 25th anniversary of the Brazilian – Argentine Agency for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials (ABACC), today.

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15 July 2016 News Story

Maternal HIV Status does not Influence Infant Growth, IAEA Study Finds

There are no differences in growth, body composition or breast milk intake among HIV-negative infants, whether born to HIV-positive or HIV-negative mothers, an IAEA-supported research project in Kenya has found.

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13 July 2016 News Story

Using Nuclear Techniques to Monitor the Health of Coral Reefs

Pollution and climate change pose a serious threat to coastal and marine environments. Coral reefs, the diverse underwater ecosystems that provide valuable habitat and serve as a spawning ground for a large variety of species, are particularly vulnerable to changes in the marine ecosystem.

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11 July 2016 News Story

Electricity and Energy Experts Discuss Role of Nuclear in Global Energy Mix at IAEA Meeting

Nuclear power needs to be more progressive and it has to accelerate innovation in order to be competitive and to coexist with other clean energy sources in the future energy mix, participants in an IAEA meeting concluded.

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