6th GIF-INPRO/IAEA Interface Meeting

6-7 March 2012
IAEA, Vienna, Austria

General Information

INPRO and the Generation IV International Forum (GIF) have been collaborating based on the synergies originated by their programmes of activities, which common goal is to contribute to the sustainable development of nuclear energy in the 21st century. Regular interface meetings have been held since 2003.

The objectives of the 6th GIF-INPRO/IAEA Interface meeting were to:

  • Share information on the progress status and future plans of activities related to technology innovation of nuclear energy systems;
  • Monitor the progress in cooperation agreed during the last interface meeting;
  • Continue exploring areas of potential cooperation, identifying action items and establishing priorities for further consideration.
  • Discuss the results of, and future actions resulting from, the 2nd Joint GIF-IAEA/INPRO Workshop on Safety Aspects of Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors
    (30 November–1 December 2011).

The meeting also covered updates on reactor safety assessments based on lessons learned from the Fukushima nuclear accident.

Scrientific Secretaries: R. Beatty (INPRO), S. Monti (NPTDS).
INPRO Group Officer:
P. Villalibre

Meeting Documents

Terms of Reference
Opening Remarks Mr A. Bychkov, Deputy Director General
Department of Nuclear Energy and INPRO Project Manager
Introductory Remarks Mr Y. Sagayama, Policy Group Chair
Generation IV International Forum (GIF)


Progress Status of GIF System Development
SFR (Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors) Mr Y. I. Kim (GIF)
VHTR (Very-High-Temperature Reactors) Mr J. Kelly (GIF)
GFR (Gas-Cooled Fast Reactors) Mr R. Stainsby (GIF)
SCWR (Supercritical-Water-Cooled Reactors) Mr L. Meyer (INPRO) for
Mr T. Schulenberg (GIF)
LFR (Lead-Cooled Fast Reactors) Mr A. Alemberti (GIF)
MSR (Molten Salt Reactors) Mr H. Boussier (GIF)
GIF-INPRO cooperation framework Mr R. Beatty (INPRO)
GIF-INPRO/IAEA cooperation in the area of Safety

Safety assessment including Fukushima lessons learned
  • Considerations from the IAEA Safety Action Plan and IAEA Missions.
Mr P. Hughes (NSNI/SAS)
  • IAEA Generic Reactor Safety Review Projects (GRSR)
Mr J. Yllera (NSNI/SAS)
Mr D. Haas (GIF)
  • Status of GIF Task Force on SFR Safety Design Criteria
Mr R. Nakai (GIF)
Status updated: Risk and Safety Working Group Mr T. Leahy (GIF)
India: Action Plan for Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor in Light of Fukushima (IGCAR & BHAVINI) Mr P. Puthiyavinayagam
Results of the GIF/INPRO-IAEA Workshop on “Safety
aspects of Sodium Cooled FRs” (30 Nov - 1 Dec, 2011)
Summary overview of Workshop results Mr S. Monti (NENP/NPTDS)
Outcome from Topic 4 of the GIF-INPRO
Workshop on Safety aspects of SFRs
Mr R. Nakai (GIF)
Status and Approach for MOX Fuelled Future Indian SFRs Towards Safety Mr P. Puthiyavinayagam
India: Current Status of Metal Fuel Reactor Studies in IGCAR Mr R. S. Keshavamurthy
GIF-INPRO/IAEA cooperation in PR&PP and Economics
a) Proliferation Resistance  
Introdution into the INPRO Collaborative Project PROSA Mr J. Sprinkle (SGCP/SPT)
GIF-PR&PP evaluation methodology Mr R. Bari (GIF)
b) Economics  
GIF cost estimating methodology and application Mr B. Rasin (GIF)
NESA Support Package in the Area of Economics: Nuclear Economics Support Tool (NEST) Ms N.Barkatullah (PESS)

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