5th GIF/INPRO Interface Meeting

3-4 March 2011
IAEA, Vienna, Austria

General Information

INPRO and the Generation IV International Forum (GIF) are collaborating to ensure good synergy and coordination of activities and cooperate on their common goal of contributing to the global sustainable development of nuclear energy in the 21st century. Regular interface meetings between the two initiatives were held in 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2010 (see 4th GIF/INPRO Interface Meeting).

The objectives of the 5th GIF/INPRO Interface meeting are to:

  1. Share information on the progress status and future plans of activities related to technology innovation of nuclear energy systems;
  2. Monitor the progress of the action items of cooperation agreed in the last interface meeting;
  3. Continue exploring the areas of cooperation, identifying new action items and establishing priorities for further consideration.

The meeting also covers discussions related to workshops on fast reactors as agreed in the previous meeting.

The following IAEA Departments participated in the meeting:

Meeting Documents

Terms of Reference  
Opening Remarks Mr. A. Bychkov, Deputy Director General
Department of Nuclear Energy and INPRO Project Manager
Introductory Remarks Mr. Y. Sagayama, Chair
Generation IV International Forum (GIF)


GIF-INPRO cooperation framework Mr. R. Beatty (INPRO)

Progress Status of GIF System Development
Overview Mr. J. Kelly (GIF)
SFR (Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors) Mr. D. Hahn (GIF)
VHTR (Very-High-Temperature Reactors) Mr. F. Carre (GIF)
GFR (Gas-Cooled Fast Reactors) Mr. R. Stainsby (GIF)
SCWR (Supercritical-Water-Cooled Reactors) Mr. L. Meyer for Mr. T. Schulenberg (GIF)
LFR (Lead-Cooled Fast Reactors) Mr. A. Alemberti (GIF)
MSR (Molten Salt Reactors) Mr. P. Anzieu (GIF)

Progress status of MOU/Action Items
a) Proliferation Resistance  
Progress in INPRO PR methodology and PRADA Mr. E. Haas (INPRO)
Progress in harmonizing GIF-PRPP methodology Mr. R. Bari (GIF)
b) Safety  
Update of IAEA Safety Standards to be applied to advanced/future reactors Mr M. Gasparini (NSNI/IAEA)
Progress of GIF evaluation methodology (RSWG) Mr. T. Leahy (GIF)
c) Economics  
GIF Economical Model Mr. B. Rasin (GIF)

Potential areas for expanded cooperation
a) Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Group (INIG)  
Activities and implementation approach Ms. A. Starz (INIG/IAEA)
b) HR, stakeholder involvement, and E&T  
IAEA programmes B. Molloy (NPES/IAEA)
Progress of GIF activities Mr. P. Anzieu (GIF)
c) Implications from Advanced Fuel Cycles  
IAEA activities. TWG and implementation Mr. G. Dyck (NEFW/IAEA)
Report on GIF thorium paper Mr. F. Carre (GIF)
d) Advanced small and medium sized reactors  
IAEA programmes Mr. H. Subki (NPTDS/IAEA)
e) Modelling and simulation (M&S)  
Status of activities planned by GIF Mr. P. Anzieu (GIF)
M&S studies towards SFR Mr. P. Chellapandi (India)
f) Non-electric applications of NE  
Progress status of IAEA activities Mr. I. Khamis (NPTDS/IAEA)
GIF activities in non-electric applications Mr. J-Ch. Robin (GIF)

Proposals of topics for and approach of subsequent
workshops on Sodium Cooled FRs
United States of America Mr. J. Kelly
Russian Federation Mr. Y. Ashurko
France Mr. P. Anzieu
Japan Mr. K. Hirao
India (part 1) Mr. P. Chellapandi
India (part 2) Mr. P. Mohanakrishnan


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