4th GIF/INPRO Interface Meeting

1-3 March 2010
IAEA, Vienna, Austria

The 4th GIF/INPRO interface meeting brought together over 50 representatives of the Generation IV International Forum (GIF) and the IAEA to present the status and progress of activities and discuss potential areas for expanded cooperation.

The following IAEA Departments participated in the meeting:

Meeting Documents

Opening Remarks Mr. Y. Sokolov, Deputy Director General
Department of Nuclear Energy and INPRO Project Manager
Introductory Remarks Mr. Y. Sagayama, Chair
Generation IV International Forum (GIF)


Progress Status of GIF System Development
Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors (SFR) Mr. J. Rouault (GIF)
VHTR (Very-High-Temperature Reactors) Mr. F. Carre (GIF)
GFR (Gas-Cooled Fast Reactors) Mr. J. Rouault (GIF)
SCWR (Supercritical-Water-Cooled Reactors) Mr. R. Speranzini (GIF)
LFR (Lead-Cooled Fast Reactors) Mr. S. Monti (GIF)
MSR (Molten Salt Reactors) Mr. C. Guerard (GIF)

INPRO progress status
Overview Mr R. Beatty (INPRO/IAEA)
Nuclear Energy System Assessment (NESA) Mr. F. Depisch (INPRO/IAEA)
Global Vision Mr. P. Villalibre (INPRO/IAEA)
Innovation Mr. H. Khartabil (INPRO/IAEA)
INPRO Dialogue Forum Mr. P. Gowin (INPRO/IAEA)

Current status and progress of agreed Action Items
a) Safety  
Application of IAEA Safety Standards to advanced/future reactors Mr. El-Shanawany (NSNI/IAEA)
RSWG safety assessment methodology V. Ranguelova (GIF)
Status of GIF evaluation methodology (RSWG) Mr. T. Leahy (GIF)
b) Proliferation Resistance  
Progress in GIF-PRPP methodology Mr. J. Whitlock (GIF)
INPRO PR methodology, including PRADA Mr. E. Haas (INPRO/SG/IAEA)
c) Economics  
GIF Economical Model Mr. B. Rasin (GIF)
INPRO and IAEA Economic Modelling Mr. I. Jalal (PESS/IAEA)
d) Non-electric applications of NE  
IAEA activities in non-electric applications Mr. I. Khamis (NPTDS/IAEA)
GIF activities in non-electric applications Mr. J. Ch Robin (GIF)

Potential areas for expanded cooperation
a) Modelling and simulation (M&S)  
Status of activities planned by GIF Mr. H. McFarlane (GIF)
INPRO Collaborative Project on M&S Mr. H. Khartabil (INPRO/IAEA)
b) Advanced small and medium sized reactors  
IAEA programmes on SMRs Mr. V. Kuznetsov (NPTDS/IAEA)
c) Advanced Fuel Cycles (incl Th)  
IAEA activities supporting advanced FCs Mr. G. Dyck (NEFW/IAEA)
Thorium Fuel Cycle overview Mr. F. Carre (GIF)
d) Education and training (E&T)  
Status of the activities planned by GIF Mr. H. McFarlane (GIF)
IAEA programs in E&T Mr. T. Mazour (NPES/IAEA)
e) Advanced reactors development  
Overview Ms. S. Bilbao (NPTDS/IAEA)
High temperature gas reactors Mr. B. Tyobeka (NPTDS/IAEA)
Supercritical water cooled reactors Ms. S. Bilbao (NPTDS/IAEA)
Fast reactors Mr. A. Stanculescu (NPTDS/IAEA)
f) Advanced/innovative materials development  
Status of IAEA activities Mr. A. Zeman (NAPC/IAEA)
g) Institutional arrangements for FR deployment  
Necessary infrastructure to optimize the benefit from using advanced NE systems, including FR Mr. V. Usanov (INPRO/IAEA)

Experience summary and topics of interest for Workshops
United States Mr. H. McFarlane (GIF)
Japan Mr K. Hirao (GIF)

3 March 2010
Technical Briefing open to all interested IAEA staff, held at the IAEA Library:
Status of Activities of the Generation IV International Forum (GIF)
Update on GIF status Mr. H. McFarlane (GIF)
Summary result from the 4th GIF/INPRO interface meeting Mr. R. Beatty (INPRO/IAEA)


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